Imagine Berlin By The Sea

map: Carlos Borrell

I know, there’s only so much you can ask for from a place right? And considering that already Berlin is giving us SO much, it feels ungrateful to be asking for more. It is sexy, it is affordable, it is tolerant, it is fun. But still, there’s certain things Berliners crave for, these few things missing that would truly make it paradise, and us unable to ever leave it.

Like, for instance, I think, I don’t know if you agree, um, maybe we could use nicer weather? I don’t mean to sound unthankful for all the blessings this city gracefully bestows upon us, but we could do without these forever-winters. Of course once the frost spell is broken it gets to be really beautiful, it’s just not enough of that. Berliners show their fascination with the good weather, right when the first sign of it appears: ready to get naked and run to a lake, wearing smiles we definitely need to see more of.

photo: Paper Planes e.V.

Another thing we adore in Berlin, at least when the weather allows, is biking. It’s so much part of the city’s lifestyle, and made so much easier by the fact that Berlin is relatively flat, that it constitutes the number one choice for our commutes– therefore, one can’t help but dream of better bike lanes, making our favorite activity easier and safer.

However convenient its flatness is for our bike rides, (and to be able to navigate ourselves with our grand compass, the TV tower), we kinda wish it had more hill spots we could enjoy. Whether to hike (would ski be too much to ask?) or just go chill and enjoy with a view. Like Teufelberg! The architect Jacon Tiggs actually made it come virtually alive, with his mountain taking the place of Tempelhof, and we kinda digged the idea.

Finally, who hasn’t thought about it: The real thing missing, that would have us never leave Berlin again,  is the beach– despite all its other hardships, if Berlin was close to the sea I doubt we would ever go anywhere else. Carlos Borrell takes this idea one step further, designing his map, “Berlin am Meer”. This map has Berlin depicted as it is, except it’s washed by the sea on its south borders. Tempelhof, maintaining its role as once facilitating traveling, now has a little harbor!

Dreaming of walks on Neukölln’s boardwalk just makes my day!

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