Wellness Escapes from Berlin: South Tyrol

Miramonti Hotel

Even if you live a healthy lifestyle between yoga classes and Quinoa Avocado bowls: a big city like Berlin with its hustle and bustle is surely not beneficial for our health. Air pollution, sound pollution, electric pollution are just a few annoying things. Where I suffer actually the most are bars that feel like a deep dive into an ashtray full of cigarettes or the typical 12-hour working shifts sitting in offices destroying your eyes in front of a flickery computer. Of course, Berlin has beautiful nature with plenty of lakes and forests just outside the city. But the landscape is flat and boring like a pancake. So if you want to breathe pure mountain air and get an eyegasm while checking out the curvy Dolomites you have to follow us on our little Berlin escape down to South Tyrol.

We have been a fan of this region for several years now and try to get there as often as we can. This time around we had the chance to try out some specific health and balance activities the tourism office of South Tyrol is offering. Not only the pricing of this program is more than fair. On South Tyrol Balance you have the chance to choose from so many different activities that you will be surprised how many diverse experiences you can have in just one region.

Below we will guide you through our 7 favorite South Tyrol wellness experiences with some pretty awesome pictures we took over there.

Forest Bathing

Just behind the Miramonti Hotel where we had the pleasure to spend a couple of nights, there was a beautiful mountain forest. Like in a fairytale there was a little lake with small animal sculptures made out of wood. Not only I loved going jogging there in the morning while fantasizing about a giant breakfast. The best thing is to take a plunge into the forest while going slow and experiencing your surrounding with all your senses. That is what the Japanese forest bathing health routine consists off. Works perfectly in every South Tyrol Forest.


Waterfall Breathing

Our lungs love the mountain air which is free of dust and allergenic components. Near a waterfall, the air gets even better with millions of micro particles that clean your lungs from inside. We visited the waterfall of Partschins where we hiked up with a climate-therapy expert who also controlled our blood pressure while doing so. A super relaxing hike, perfect even for less sporty people.


Water Walking

Before going to South Tyrol we signed up for an introduction to Kneippen. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with going from Kneipe to Kneipe like we do in Berlin. Basically, it’s a series of health practices you do with cold and hot water to stimulate your body with temperature. We had an introduction in the beautiful Meraner Therme which is totally worth a visit. Our highlight was doing Kneippen in a wild mountain stream though.


Horse Cuddling

From the little village Haflingen come the beautiful Haflinger horses. A special breed that has beautiful blonde hair and shiny brown fur. These horses look like they came straight from a model agency only for horses. Apart from being extremely insta-genic with the mountain backdrop these horses are very peaceful and calm and give you a sense of tranquility and freedom while spending time with them. Also, they had a certain similarity with a specific human individual.


Mountain Biking

The whole area of South Tyrol is connected with bike lanes. So you can do amazing panoramic bike rides through the mountains and valleys. We headed to the beautiful Kalterer See and had a beautiful ride between vineyards and over rivers. If you are not trained by riding up Prenzlauer Berg every now and then, you can also choose an e-bike instead of a mountain bike to make your ride more comfortable.


Food Craving

The quality of Italian food meeting Austrian indulgence culminates in South Tyrol cuisine. Apart from amazing dishes, many hotels like Schwarzschmied Hotel in Lana offer also healthy, light vegan, vegetarian and even gluten free options.


Spa Relaxing

Nothing better after a whole day of hiking or mountain biking than returning home to a beautiful spa treatment. For exceptional Spas, we can totally recommend both hotels we stayed at. The Miramonti up at the mountains offers an incredible view while you sweat in a forest sauna or dive into the unique infinity pool. The Hotel Schwarzschmied in the valley charmed us with Yoga classes in the morning and afternoon and a very nicely designed relaxation area with lots of amazing magazines and books to read.


We visited South Tyrol in early summer in the area around the city of Meran. Buts its actually very nice every season of the year. Check out their balance program over here and their tourism board website for more information.

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