What to do on the CSD Weekend 2017

It is that time of the year! Call it Pride, call it Christopher Street day, call it “All the Queers are out on the streets”, all differences, frictions, and issues aside, it’s the week when all queer people are loud, visible and all over Berlin, proud of what they are and fighting for their place in society. For some protest means political actions, demonstrations, and speaches for some it’s dancing protest on Berlin’s streets and clubs. Any way it’s done, we are here, we are queer and there’s a lot for us to do this weekend. And the selection is as diverese as the queer community itself. Whether you’re into CSD or not, there is definitly something to participate for everyone.

Before the Parade

The march might be on Saturday but that doesn’t stop the queers from dancing and singing the night before. For all the queer females, trans, female-identifying and anyone who wants to support women in music there is the Music Is My Gender Festival at SO36 on Friday. All the ravy clubkids will preferbly go to Buttons 46h CSD edition at ://about blank, and dance trough all of CSD weekend.


Illustration: Nicola Napoli

The official 39th CSD Parade will start at noon and march through half of Berlin, no way to get around the queers between Ku’Damm and Brandenburger Tor on Saturday. Even though the official parade has been criticised as beeing whitewashed and too comercialized, you won’t find a bigger spectrum of queer diversity then here, thats for sure. The big final show runs from 2pm until midnight in front of the Brandenburger Tor.

Queer Liberation March

Berlin is always good at presenting alternatives. So, in order to present a contrast to the big, commercial parade, there is the alternative parade, the Queer Liberation March just a few hours after the big one. The march wants to reclaim the narrative of pride centering it on queer experiences, struggles, and victories to celebrate the beauty of the queer community.

Alternative Queer Picknick

Illustration: Rory Midhani

And that’s not enough of an alternative for you? How about meeting some queer folks at Hasenhaide and have a cute ‘lil alternative queer picknick? Food and drinks will be provided and donations will go to the Berlin Schwulenberatung. Sounds like you won’t ever feel better about having a picknick.

After the Parade

But, just because the parade stops that doesn’t mean the queers stop dancing. There is basically a CSD party going at every venue around town. from the already mentioned Buttons at ://about blank, to the CSD party at SchwuZ, Berghain’s infamous CSD Klubnacht, all the offical Pride afterparties, or even smaller events at bars like the Gym Tonic Pride at Saint Jean. So, as you can see, there is no reason to go to bed on Saturday. It’s Pride Weekend. Let’s dance!


In collaboration with Tenga, official sponsor of the CSD we are giving away 1×2 Tickets for their VIP-booth at the main parade final at Brandenburger Tor. At the VIP-booth there is not only the chance to win amazing prices but also to talk to Theresa Lachner, sexologist and erotic blogger-colleague of us. And finally the winners will get an amazing pleasure package send directly to their homes. To participate you have to leave a comment with a valid email address until tomorrow. Good Luck and Happy Pride!

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