A Night with the Royal Couple in Berlin

In Berlin, we are famous for Techno, for being creative and for solving problems with minimal resources. But to be perfectly honest we are also famous all over the world for being frank and direct to the point of being actually rude. So are we rough Berliners able to be gentlemen and gentlewomen and to respect a certain etiquette when the British Royals come to visit? Let’s say, that we tried our best.

On occasion of the visit of William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (or Prince William and Kate Middleton for the less yellow-press-savvy readers) we got the chance to meet them and be part of a small gathering of Berlin creatives. Inside the beautiful Clärchens Ballhaus, emerging entrepreneurs and passionate artists from different disciplines came together to exchange and network following the invitation of the British Council and the British Embassy. Guests of honors, the Royal Couple, made an elegant appearance and seemed to not even sweat while the room was boiling hot from the humid air of a stormy summer night.

Nine different Berliners had the chance to present their work on stage for one minute. Participants of this fun Pecha Kucha were also Michael Schultz from Berlinstagram who was great stage by being truly himself and down-to-earth and Victoria Gosling from The Reader. The crowd was pleasantly diverse and culturally open-minded. Instead of a stiff handshake event, we enjoyed an informal night between friends and acquaintances. The three highlight guests of the night, apart from the Royal Couple, were the handsome Tom Wlaschiha from Games of Thrones (the men of many faces) and my favorite Berlin couple ever ever Eva & Adele which I could not resist asking for a group shot.

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