Dreaming of Hot Summer Days in Berlin

photos: Andrea Padoan

We’re all waiting for summer. We’re waiting for that true Berlin Summer. When there is no cloud at the sky, when the sun beams down mercilessly and the asphalt burns under our feet. Days that never end, days where we’re floating from park, to Späti to Balcony. We’re high on life, Vitamin D, wine and our best friend’s joint. These Berlin summer days create unforgettable memories. Memories that we share with our friends, or with that special someone. Maybe a romance, only for these steaming weeks of August, or maybe we keep that person by our side a little longer to warm us, embrace us for the cold Berlin winter months.

In his photo story photographer Andrea Padoan captures one of these special Berlin days. Two men spending a hot summer day at Tempelhofer Feld together. They have a few beer, Mate, and they have each other. Living in Berlin, it’s easy to relate. A day where time doesn’t matter anymore, nothing’s planned and we just live by the course of the sun. We wear the least amount of fabric, we eat whatever we want, we drink whatever we want, we are covered in sweat but no one cares because everybody is. One of these days where Berlin vibrates and stands still at the same time. We are all waiting for these days. Maybe they’re gonna come…

photos: Andrea Padoan

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