Remembering the Three Days of Summer 2017

photo: claudioheartsberlin

We do not want to seem all passive aggressive here, but as in 2016, summer 2017 is not really committing. Instead of exclusively staying with us, it feels more like we’re in some kinda on and of relationship. So, eventually we end up wearing the wrong clothes every day because Miss Summer decides to show up when we just got used to these 15 degrees again, running around in a turtle neck. We could moan about our depressing relationship, but, let’s rather cherish the time we already had, these lovely, warm, comforting moments, these days in sandals and shorts, finally wearing this pair of sexy sunglasses. These beautiful, sunny, shimmering, approximately 3 days of summer that we already had. And as we know, you couldn’t capture these moments as you were busy lying in a starfish pose in any Volkspark or jumping into the refreshing water of Schlachtensee. Don’t you worry, that is totally fine. We collected some visuals from our favorite Instagrammers (our own), so we can all remember these beautiful, mesmerizing, 3 days of summer 2017. Enjoy.

photo: Berlinstagram

photo: Berlingraphie

photo: Steffimarla

photo: Berlijnblog

photo: iHeartBerlin

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