A Guide to a Real Berlin Afterhour

Nothing compares to a true Berlin party night. But, every night has to come to an end, …or does it? Sometimes, all you want to do is keep on going, stay with your friends, have another beer and just live the moment, and why not right? Yes, everyone else might go to sleep, and maybe your grandma might not approve but if there is one city that allows us, even urges us not to conform to normal people’s bedtimes, it’s Berlin. Instead of seeing it as social misbehaving you should see the early morning hours as a land full of opportunity. In order to inspire you and your personal Berlin afterhour, we gathered some ideas in collaboration with Carlsberg and their #rightbeerrightnow campaign. The whole campaign is about celebrating friendship and to overcome the normality of everyday life by sharing special moments with your inner circle.  The beer brand from Copenhagen has a long history of supporting a creative nightlife culture all over the world. We had a great time to explore with them Berlin in the early morning hours and hope you will do too.

1. Just keep on going – at Pubs, Bars and Spätis

Maybe it’s ‘only’ 5 in the morning. The DJ wasn’t giving you what you need anymore but you are all still up for some more. There are plenty of places that will still open their doors for you. Cult 24h Pubs like Bei Schlawinchen don’t even think about closing when you’re just rolling of the dance floor. And, if everything lets you down: Don’t worry. We’re in Berlin, we got Spätis with Carlsberg at every street corner!

2. Chill out at a Bonfire, in Nature, or at the River

If you don’t feel like being inside again, there are some places that let you sit outside ’til the early morning hours, bonfire included, e.g. Jackie O. or Holzmarkt 25. And, in case customer service completely fails you, take your Carlsberg and go for all the beautiful outside places that are normally too crowded in the afternoon like at the canal. Maybachufer, the East Side Gallery, or famous Berlin parks like Volkspark Friedrichshain or Hasenhaide are accessible all night and day. The Tempelhofer Feld opens at 6am, aka perfect afterhour time.

3. Indulge in guilty food pleasures

You danced for hours and hours, you’re dehydrated, exhausted, now it’s the time to NOT feel guilty about any of your food choices. Get these refined sugars and saturated fats into your system! You’ve been craving it for way too long. Berlin has plenty of bakeries, snack bars, and corner shops that deserve a visit. If you feel like some yummy waffles from Wonder Waffel with fruits and Nutella, for example, go for it.  Cupcake Berlin opens at 10am, no matter what time, a delicious almond bun is waiting for you at Salut, or, last but not least, Berlin institutions like Curry36 or Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab are open 24/7 for a reason, add a Carlsberg for hydration and the afterhour menu is complete.

4. Rediscover Berlin without tourists

This might seem like an odd advice but now it’s the time to do some sight seeing. Normally overcrowded with tourists, now you can have your own private afterhour party in front of the Berliner Dom or at the Spree bank next to the Museumsinsel. There won’t be 20.000 people in sandals taking selfies. They’re all still asleep.

5. Make your DIY Afterhour at a Friend’s House

You don’t feel like people anymore but going to sleep is also not an option? Advise: Choose your friends wisely! The next party location might just be a stroll down the street. If it comes with a Späti (obviously selling Carlsberg) in the same building, a decent boom box and very tolerant neighbors, your private, DIY afterhour party can get going.

6. Find another club – to continue the party…

In Berlin, the weekend goes from Wednesday night to Monday morning or it hardly ever stops if you don’t want it to. So, your afterhour might start when another party just gets going. If it’s one of the many venues in between Schleusenufer and Flutgraben like Ipse, or Berlin classics like Tresor or Berghain, the beat goes on and on and on. Some parties don’t stop all weekend, some start at unusual times. If you are still looking for ideas where to go, we redirect you to our party guide or Club ABC.

Enjoy your well-planned insomnia with a lot of #friendship and one or a couple #carlsberg. And if you want to be part of the campaign by Carlsberg tag your pictures with #rightbeerrightnow on Instagram or Twitter.

Thanks to Carlsberg for the sponsorship.

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