When Berlin shows its Awkward Side

photos: Knurrt

Berlin can be eccentric, glossy, edgy, dark, fabulous but Berlin can also be pretty awkward. It’s these daily situations, encounters, moments that are just… a bit odd. When cultures, and generations clash as they do in a huge city like Berlin it can get pretty absurd from time to time. Some of that is hilarious, some maybe a bit depressing. Berlin Instagrammer Knurrt has perfected the art of capturing these ‘lil goofy Berlin moments. We collected some of his most absurd pictures.

Goold old Benny…



… Ok, ok,  someone doesn’t think that’s funny.

There is a person out there who really, really does NOT like street signs… Like REALLY NOT.

Classic case of: Things you carry around in a bicycle basket…

…oh well…so that happened.

Living the life!

The world is your rubbish bin…apparently…

Uhm… how… why…

You lost ladies?

So much hatred towards shopping cards.

This phallocentric German society…


Some people need the memo.




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