Dancing in the Streets of Berlin

photos: Min Kyung Choi

Dearest Berlin, let us dance!

Already wearing your prettiest summer-dress and smiling your brightest smile!
Finally your days are long, your nights short. Melt into each other. Have no beginning and no end.
The melancholic spirit of winter seems long past and is forgiven.
Dark November blues melt simultaneously with my frozen lemon popsicles.
The sky painted in radiant blue. This is why I fell in love with you, Berlin.
Everything is blooming and the city is raging with life. Listening to street musicians while bathing in the sun.
Watching shimmering shadows dancing in the moonlight.
Dreams seem to come true during summer.

Strolling through the street is a feast for the senses. Coolness dropping out of every single pore.
Each breath I take filled with the sweat of excess. Love, lust and adventure is in the air.
With summer the New Year truly begins. Trips, Dreams, Solutions.
Now I have the power and the energy to start something new. Every summer has its story. Let this one be wonderful.
The world is our guest during summer. Visitors from all around the world come to admire you.
Ready to push the trigger and take a photo. Afraid to miss out on something and with the desire to hold on to this moment in form of a picture.
They should put the camera away and celebrate with us. So many forgotten nights have left a feeling of ease behind. Much better than thousands of pictures could ever be.

Here we are free. Celebrating what others have fought for bitterly. Here times have changed. The fight was worth fighting for.
Oh, wonderful Berlin. You stand for Equality, Art, Love, beautiful Sin and Freedom. During summer this lifestyle of liberty is as present as it can be.
The Carnival of Cultures happens every day. From all around the world we get together -colorful and sparkling.
Less alone together. Stronger together. United together to let loose-during your warm summer nights.
When I am overwhelmed by all this lust of summer I can escape to one of your many lakes. Within one hour I find myself in a different world. Dip into cold, clear water. Or into cloudy, warm. But that is fine. I am fine with the world you show me.
Light summer nights, smell warm and protective. Drunken fools sing in the distance.
There is no yesterday, nor is there a tomorrow. There is only now. This moment twirls us around until we get dizzy. There is no better High than the one with you.

Soon your heat will become heavy and we will both be exhausted. But we have a couple of weeks until then.
So let us dance until we are out of breath.
Autumn will greet us with his calm, cool hands.

But for now. Let’s dance.
Let’s dance my dearest Berlin!

* * *

Text: Marie F. Trankovits, Photos: Min Kyung Choi

Marie F. Trankovits, 31 – moved around the world until she fell in love with Berlin. Currently working on writing career.

Minkyung Choi, while traveling around the world, found herself especially attracted to Berlin. Trying to settle down here, she’s looking forward to develop creative design projects. Follow her on Instagram.

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