The Party that Changed the Game of Berlin’s Nightlife

Pornceptual is the unchallenged, sexiest Party in town: 4 years of conceptual porn, sensual photography, experimental videos, wild parties, and daily inspiration to live out our kinky side. Deeply rooted on Berlin’s underground scene, it’s hard to imagine the city without their bi-monthly, naked gathering. The one event that makes you think outside your normal party closet, or finally lets you dress according to your phantasies: In nothing or nothing more than fishnet. Although, Berlin has always been a place for sex-positivity, Pornceptual is a singular phenomenon. Despite hitting party mainstream, it has maintained its reputation as one of Berlin’s most revealing nights. It’s hundreds of naked bodies dancing, sweating, fucking, living. After all,  It’s just skin, it’s all human and it’s all beautiful! We collected some sexy, nude, extravagant memories of their fabulous first 4 years.

Just over one year ago I attended my first Pornceptual, dressed in Jeans and T-Shirt. Today, I laugh about it. But beforehand, I felt extremely uncomfortable being half-naked. In my head I had all these pictures of parties where only the perfectly toned men undress, showing off their zero percent body fat and making me feel unpleasantly self-aware. That night, for the first time,  I had that beautifully odd experience of feeling terribly weird in clothes. There is no right or wrong when everyone’s showing skin. There’s just a spectrum of bodies. Since then, I came back again and again. It is that total feeling of body-positivity and sexual freedom that makes Pornceptual unique, and it is exactly that what made them go from small, underground to massive happening. If you are looking for big names in the line up, you won’t find them here. Also, Its location at “Alte Münze” is not a party destination that club kids just randomly end up at. People come because they want Pornceptual! They want the intersection of pornography, art and underground music and Pornceptual supplies.

It makes it even the more beautiful that there’s no corporate business, or greed for money behind the experience. In the true Berlin-sense, it’s a group of friends with a shared point of view and a desire for change who started the project. A group who also represents Berlin’s change: The team around Raquel Fedato and Chris Phillips solely consists of expats, representative for Berlin’s international, 2010+ art world. They came to the capital as it is one of the most liberal, and open spaces in the world. Still, for them, there was something missing. And they just made it happen. Since then, sex-positive parties have become a ruling trend, and whether Pornceptual started as a follower or the trailblazer of it, it is definitely the reigning queen of sexy nights.

If you wanna join the party: They’re hosting their 4th Year Anniversay this Saturday night at Alte Münze. Come, dance and undress!

photos: Andrea Galad, Lucas Dias, Chris Phillips & Eric Phillips

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