A Berlin Techno Song Against Trump

The Berlin crowd fosters its inclusive and multicultural status by standing up against intolerance and bigotry. ”Donald” by Uma Burel is yet another example. This time, Berlin expresses its protest with what it does best: techno.

The song comes from Uma Burel‘s very first EP on the OffBeat Music Group record label that comprises two songs reflecting different approaches to the story we can currently see unfolding before us. The hypnotizing beat we’re featuring today – ”Donald” – is a disturbing, gloomy picture filled with hate and dread. The other one, entitled ”Se7en”, is more of a smooth minimal house track to leave you on a positive note, hoping for the light at the end of the tunnel.

But back to ”Donald” – in addition to the simple yet bold lyrics, calling Trump out for being a bully and announcing his ultimate fall, the artist has decided to emphasize the song’s message with a video. Using YouTube material, the man behind Uma Burel who’s also a video producer has attempted to express the emotions, confusion, and fear people are facing in the United States at the moment. The song and video are both riddled with deep satire and humor because one of their main goals as an artist is to find and play with the intersection between sound, visual art, politics, metaphysics, humor, and visceral emotion.

Having been raised on hardcore punk, Uma Burel believes that it is important for artists to touch on current events because they can reach people with social and political commentary – at the end of the day the creatives don’t have to answer to a constituency or political party so they can do it freely and experimentally. Even dance music can accommodate political and social commentary. The artist’s priority here is one of the most essential characteristics of Berlin’s nightlife at the same time – making sure dance floors stay inclusive to all groups of people and are places where you can keep learning from the music and conversations.

The EP cover artwork was crated by Taylor Kopp, who’s drawing was a perfect fit as it always conjures up emotions of distress, despair, depression, and chaos.

artwork by Taylor Kopp

You can listen to the EP on Soundcloud or just search for ”Uma Burel” on your favorite music platform.

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