Creating something entirely new and exciting is often just this one fabulous ideas away from you. An idea that might take you and others to new and uncharted places. But, without access to the right equipment many ideas end up being nothing but that thought in your head. But, technology is complicated, hard to access and unaffordable, right?

The Creators program powered by our partner Grover proves the contrary. This new program removes the limitations to your ideas and equips you with the technology and gadgets you need. So, your fabulous ideas can finally come to life. Does that sound too good to be true? It kinda does, but we aren’t telling lies here…

All the visual artists, photographers, musicians, designers, and writers may now start bouncing excitedly up and down in their seats. All you have to do is apply in the program here and pitch your project. If accepted, you’re sponsored with whatever technology, equipment and gadget you desire for three months to make your baby project come true – at no extra cost. Camera equipment, drones, a drum machine, computers, you name it. Yes, you heard that, right?!

The Creators program will follow you and the journey your project takes on its road to success. In order to support you in reaching the right audience for your work you will get exposure on all of Creator’s platforms and will even be part of their annual exhibition showcasing all the works supported by the program. We are also going to showcase a few of the projects here on iHeartBerlin over the next months.

Anyone not convinced yet? Find more details on their website and apply now! Below a little portrait of one of the first creatives that has been supported by Grover.

Thanks for the sponsorship by Grover!

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on September 7th, 2017
in Products