Berlin’s Most Iconic Snacks

illustrations: Berk Karaoglu

Here on iHeartBerlin, we like to get real. So all fancy dining guides aside, we know the drill – it’s 3 am, you’re somewhere unterwegs with very little to no money left, but the only thing you’re still able to feel is hunger, so you think you might just as well get that greasy snack. Berlin’s got you covered – read on to see our ultimate top selection of iconic Berlin bites that you should introduce your visiting friends to, thus completely ruining their diet plan.


The sausage with ketchup and curry has something of a cult following, the genesis of which remains a mystery to me.



Germans love their meatballs, too! This hearty snack is a real treat for all the carnivores.



Some Germans consider their sausages as a national treasure and will go to considerable lengths to encourage you to embrace them, too – by offering numerous food stands and even using the mighty concept of a ‘’Grillwalker’’. 


Döner Kebab

To truly grasp the importance of the kebab, imagine you’re waiting on an Ersatzverkehr on an empty stomach and notice the promising neon of a Döner Laden glistening nearby.


Pommes rot-weiß

You might see a culinary mess or potentially the national colors of Monaco and Poland, I see a snack that’s life-changing in its simplicity.



Only a true connoisseur of meat will be able to appreciate the quality of Mettwurst. I’m apparently not one of them, but I had to try a Mettwurstbrötchen to know for sure.



This type of doughnut will probably forever be associated with John F. Kennedy’s historic speech from the sixties. However, contrary to a popular misconception, his famous declaration is not explicitly referring to the edible Berliners.

What are your top choices for restoring energy? Let us know in the comments.

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