Walking into a Breathing Heart – An Immersive Artwork from Berlin

photo: Marc Gilgen

An amazing, ambitious art installation by the Berlin artist Johanna Keimeyer, which merges different stimuli to wake up all of your senses, was exhibited earlier this year at the Art Basel. This impressive work of art enables the viewers to experience a sensation that could represent stepping inside your own body.

The concept for installation was a walk-in inflatable heart, in which up to 20 people can lay and sit at the same time. The heart filled itself with air and pulsated in a breathing rhythm accompanied by light, video, scent, and sound. The unique ambience of a historical water filter building was a perfect environment for this venture.

photo: Johanna Keimeyer

photo: Marc Gilgen

Keimeyer installed a giant heart with 10 meter diameter. The vault was staged as the interior of the visitor’s own body. Artificial oversized lung alveoli and vein-like light installations created a space where one could focus on one‘s inner being. Keimeyer invited the audience to enter the breathing heart, lie down and focus on their own self while being immersed with sounds by Kling Klang Klong and light design by Studio Farbraum.

photo: Marc Gilgen

photo: Marc Gilgen

While an exhibit of the art work here in Berlin is still in the making, for now you can join the exclusive event on the 15th of October at 15:30h at Spektrum for a screening of the insightful documentary by David Kettner (Picsters) about the art installation followed by an artist talk with Johanna Keimeyer moderated by iHeartBerlin’s very own Frank Schröder.

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