A Black Unicorn Halloween


Yes, Halloween is around the corner. A weird festivity we love to hate, nothing but another reason to look bizarre and have 5 drinks too many. We cannot relate. We aren’t cheap, we aren’t trashy, we’re intricately, mysteriously fabulous! We are missing that occasion that represents us. *sigh* Where’s the candy? We need tasteful, sugary distractions. But, when we reach into that lil’ limited edition bag from wonderland and get out one of these lil delicious gems – we stop. What is this in our hands? It has the form of … a lil’ black unicorn, by Katjes, all veggie!

A unicorn, dressed in black – Now, we can relate! We are that black unicorn! How could we forget? Halloween is not pointless after all, it is a chance. Our chance. We should seize that moment. When the city becomes a blur of absurdities, we get the freedom to finally be ourselves. Yes. Inspired at last – by Katjes! Let all the rest be dressed as slutty vampires and prostitute witches, we will be that black unicorn that’s inside of us, dark, cute and fabulous.

So, let’s go on a journey. Let us finally bring our inside to the outside for one night. This year, Halloween will not become an array of plastic outfits, cheap, colorful wigs and too much liquor for not enough money.

This year is a chance of a unicorn.

Our imagination runs free. The days unfold in our minds. Doing Halloween our way this year. Doing the things we always wanted to do as a unicorn. Driving the subway – as a unicorn. Drinking coffee – as a unicorn. Going shopping – as a unicorn. Yelling at people who ride on the wrong side of the street – as a unicorn. If someone has a problem with that, let them hate, let them stare, stare at our beautiful, black unicornism. And if they wanna stop us, we say: “It’s Halloween, and I’m fabulous Bitch.” And spray them with a splash of glitter.

When the sun sets, our dark fabulousness can shine in all its glory at last. We wander the gloomy streets of Berlin, our pointy black horn leads the way.
We’re not getting cheaply drunk, we’re classily tipsy on sparkling black drinks. All black everything, plus glitter. All eyes on us when we enter the building. But, how otherwise? All we see is pirates with bad eyeliner and princesses with skirts that could also be a scarf. “Don’t you wanna take that horse head off. You look tall and weird!,” They say. “You just can’t take that I’m reaching higher than you. And don’t call me a horse, you tiny, hairy sailor,” – *Hit him with glitter*. We’re never taking this off.

Hurray for Halloween!

Let’s unleash our inner black unicorns.

Thank you, Katjes and your limited black edition 100% vegetarian Wunderland soft candies, for inspiring us!


This animated GIF series is totally discreetly sponsored by Katjes!

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