How Berlin is Redefining Masculinity

photo: Liam Warton

No other city in the world gives us so much space to discuss and observe different gender stereotypes like Berlin. While walking down Kottbusser Damm all the way to Hermannplatz you can encounter many different types of typical Berlin men. The buff Turkish smartphone shop owner, the thin and elegant androgynous fashion design student shopping fabrics at Maybachufer, the Scandinavian exchange student with long Jesus hair and beard sipping a coffee-to-go in a recyclable cup, the German punk cuddling his dog. All these men sound like cliches of course. But cliches that I actually encounter quite regularly. This is how Berlin and its citizens make you aware that there is no strict norm here on how a man should look and behave like in other parts of the world. A city where playing with gender and identity is nothing unusual but rather the norm.

Reflecting on the softness of men my dear friend and curator Laetitia Duveau from Curated by Girls is launching a brand new exhibition called New Masculinity this Saturday. The show will feature the works of 4 artists who found each other on Instagram and teamed up to drive attention to a new and different portrayal of masculinity. Giving you a little excitement for the opening on November 11 check out a preview from the artist Annika Weertz, Joseph Barrett, Liam Warton, and Phoebe Jane Barrett!

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New Masculinity

Blender Studio/Prod.Exe, Boddinstrasse 32, Berlin-Neukölln

November 11 & 12, 2017

Vernissage: Saturday Nov 11, 18:30h

Also open Sunday Nov 12, 14h – 20h

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