Survival in Neukölln: The Life in Berlin’s roughest Neighborhood

“Survival in Neukölln” – that’s the title of documentary filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim’s newest work. Following the life stories of various inhabitants of Berlin’s infamous neighborhood, the movie visualizes Neukölln as a place full of creative contradictions.

We meet Drag performer Stefan Stricker who calls himself Juwelia, the androgynous Cuban singer and dancer Joaquin la Habana, or a queer Syrian singer, called Enana. We participate in gay-nudist cooking groups, female theatre performances and turkish demonstrations. We see a Neukölln that has became a melting pot of young and old Berlin, and the epicentre of rapidly increasing rents.

We all know Berlin’s ever changing nature too well, so, this explosive mix might just burn for another few years. Gladly, Rosa von Praunheim has captured the unique spirit of Neukölln in 2017, so we can still reminisce about these glorious days when we’re old and grey in outrageously overpriced apartments.

Watch the quirky trailer below to get an idea. The movie is in selected theaters now.

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