A Christmas Gift Guide for Berlin Lovers

Christmas is around the corner and you are absolutely at a loss at what to get your loved ones? Fear not, we roamed the stores, fought the cold and skipped the Glühwein to find unique Berlin based christmas gift ideas for you. So if you are in for something a little more special and a little less amazon bestsellers, you are sure in for a treat now!


Let your friends or parents start their new year not only with powerful resolutions but with the first step of putting them into action. A step away from plastic, and one step towards using soulbottles uniquely designed glasbottles and sparing the environment in the process. Get them here!


Notes of Berlin Calendar

Your friend has secretly followed Notes of Berlin for years and your mom started hanging up notes herself only to get found and featured? Well, I guess that is a strong calling for surprising them with the Notes of Berlin Kalender 2018. New 365 amazing notes are waiting for them daily to be discovered! Order it here.


TasteTwelve Book

Your parents are always dining at the same old restaurant around the corner of their home and you almost gave up trying to meet them anywhere else on saturdays? This culinary bible is exclusively attuned to unique Restaurants in Berlin (also available for other cities) and guides you through 12 innovative styles of cooking, that will broaden your parents restaurant-horizon! Also: Order one main dish and get the second for free! Get them here.

Fundamental Rainbow Bowl

Inspired by the mathematics of nature Fundamental Berlin once again manages to inspire us when it comes to shape, colour and design of the simple things. Like Ashtrays. And let’s be honest here, most ashtrays really don’t make a good figure on any table. That is, if you haven’t met Fundamental’s Rainbow Ashtray! Get it here.


Pulsader Necklace

Pulsader, under that name the designers Gaspare Buzzatti und Lisa Filipini created a delicate necklace, whose hangers are shaped like a map of Berlin around the Spree. For those who like to wear their love for Berlin discreetly around their neck.



Berlin’s Roaring Twenties Book

Just when you feel like you know everything about Berlin, books like these come around and once again manage to revive a period of Berlins past, you didn’t know much about up until now. Learn more about Berlins roaring 20s in this captivating book by German illustrator Robert Nippoldt. Buy it here!


Stil in Berlin Map

Berlin offers you a great variety of places to eat, shop, discover and fall in love. Stil in Berlin knows exactly that and swept all of them up in a convenient Map. Since the best presents are those experienced with one another, the Stil in Berlin Map will offer plenty of inspiration! Get it here.


Spree Gin

If your loved one is friends with strong spirits, he or she will be exhilarated discovering Spree Gin! Botanicals like lavender, citrus and a hint of Spreewald Cucumber are giving this bio Gin its original taste. Get it here (if you are over 18!).


BVG Socks

If those aren’t statement socks: the merchandise collection of the BVG!  Because “they love us”, BVG has made shirts, tops, phone cases and socks starring their famous seat fabric. Find them here.

Isomatic Posters

Fans of illustrations and Kreuzberg will adore this remarkable combination of both! Bruno Pinto da Cruz created several of these illustrations of the famous Kottbusser Tor in pastel pink or in black. Find them here!

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