Ngoro Ngoro II: The Most Popular Exhibition during Gallery Weekend

This Sunday saw the longest queue ever and for a change it was not in front of Berghain. After a three year hiatus the Ngoro Ngoro group exhibition in Weißensee was back and it was again a huge success and magnet for art enthusiasts and the art-curious. Full disclosure: the place had a pool – so every other exhibition didn’t really stand a chance that weekend…

Jokes aside, the group exhibition is one of the biggest, independently organized ones that we have seen here and the diversity of the works and artists presented alone made the whole event worth a visit for pretty much everyone. The hidden backyard that is a shared space of gallery owners and artists also managed to create a bit of a festival atmosphere with drinks and food, and it was a quite family-friendly, which was embraced by the visitors.

Spread over 6000m2 you could explore several buildings, countless rooms and yards, as well as the Sexauer Gallery that were full of artworks by a big variety of artists and galleries that we can’t even begin to talk about that in detail. The admission was free, the event is solely financed through a beautiful edition of 7 artworks that come in a box set and that is still available here.

If you didn’t make it in, or if you want to be reminded of this amazing art show we took a few impressions for you. We hope it’s not gonna be another 3 years before we can see this amazing exhibition again.

in front: Tim Noble & Sue Webster

Martin Eder

John Isaacs

Johannes Daniel

Thomas Zipp

David Nicholson

John Isaacs

Fette Sans

Julian Rosefeld

Tim Noble & Sue Webster

Elmgreen & Dragset

Birgit Dieker

Jonas Burgert

Dominik McGill

Mark Mauders

Kylie Manning

Jonas Burgert

Peter Torp

in front: Matthias Bitzer

Björn Melhus

Nasan Tur

Michael Samuels

David Nicholson

The exhibition was initiated by Christian Achenbach, Jonas Burgert, Zhivago Duncan, Andrej Golder, John Isaacs, Andreas Mühe, and David Nicholson.

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