All Our Love to the Birds of Paradise in Berlin

Glamorous personalities have all experienced it: The moment the mob gathers around, thrilled to have found a victim who dares to be different. Like a crowd of grey pigeons staring down at the colorful bird of paradise. Laughing, in the absurd belief that they are better because they are many. Lots of grey against a spark of glamour. Too narrow to see, it is this spark that makes all the difference. It is what makes you special and them so very simple. Too blank to understand that it is you who is the winner and them who lost so long ago. They lost themselves in the thirst to please each other. One grey pleases another grey. Now they like each other, but the fewest like themselves. It is hard to know who you are when you put on a uniform.

The world is upside down. Has always been. What an amusing picture it must be, to look at us humans from a distance. The horde convinced they are in the right. Because many can´t be wrong. History paints a different picture.

The world is upside down. In a world where the unique feel weak and the norm feels strong.

Berlin waves the flag of color and from all over the world, uniqueness comes together. Berlin’s eyes are wide open for those who dare to throw out the mask of fake vanities and for those who are strong enough to show their own true colors. Berlin can tell grey apart from glitter.

There is no reason to be proud of being average.

So, go crazy and don´t go back. Celebrate colorfulness and not the drab. Do not go with the flow. It is a trap. Every child knows; only dead fish float with the stream. The strong ones will fight and swim in the other direction. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. It is good to be you. There is no one else, who could be better at it. It is good to feel the sense of otherness. A compliment. Why would the norm be so desirable? Aren’t they just walking the same path as their parents have, blind to the beautiful undiscovered paths life has to offer? Dare to go a path only a few or no one walked before.

Stand up for every child who falls victim to the grey pigeons. For everyone who is trying to hide that they are sparkling in the most beautiful colors, just to fit in. Be strong and proud. Don’t let the cold looks kill your inner fire.

You are you and I am I. It cannot be, that I am you and you are me! This is how we get lost and when we are lost it is hard to be found by the right ones. Only the wrong ones will find us, believing they found someone else. And the right ones are wondering: Why is it, they cannot find anyone just like you!

Text: Marie F. Trankovits, Photos: iHeartBerlin

Marie F. Trankovits, 31 – moved around the world until she fell in love with Berlin. Currently working on her writing career.

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