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Good old Fusion turned incredible 20 years old last year! And is now looking back on 20 wild years of building the alternative festival dream that we know today. You have never been to the famous Fusion Festival? Then let us explain the magic shortly: The Fusion grew out of the idea to create a space for all free-spirited individuals, to be what they want and create a society they feel comfortable in. So instead of only focussing on great music and filling big stages, Fusion is famous for creating its alternate reality that fosters love, sustainable living, and compassion. Who do we have to thank for all these years of intense festival partying? Kudos goes out to Kulturkosmos e.V.!

The History of Fusion Festival

The creative society founded in 1999 in Müritz dedicates their work to “the attempt to get close to our ideal of a self-determined life apart from capitalist constraints and commercial interests.” Founder Martin Eulenhaupt and his passionate teammates brought Fusion to life in 1999. Finally, after many years of rejecting publicity, the association decided to create their own documentary about the festival, that is split up into five parts, and released one by one.

photo: Kulturkosmos e.V.

The first part of the documentary is dedicated to the history of the development of Kulturkosmos e.V., the festival and explores the philosophy of Fusion. It is not only dedicated to depicting the intense and colourful festival atmosphere, but to showing the history of the grounds it was built on, the obstacles that the founders had to overcome to establish it there and the dedication and hard logistic work it takes every year to gift you with these wonderful 4 days, far from society as we know it.

How is the region affected by the Fusion Festival?

The second part of the documentary – “Region” – goes into depth about the area the Fusion was built on. When Martin Eulenhaupt was looking for an adequate place to stage a Techno/Goa party, he came across the abandoned airport at Lärz. Since the Soviet army left it in 1993, its future was debated and many ideas were shared what to make of the 450 hectares of land.

photo: Kulturkosmos e.V.

A few years later, newly founded association Kulturkosmos bought about 45 hectares of the area and organized its first party – the Fusion was born! Today the Fusion has grown to host over 60.000-70.000 people every year, that celebrate being part of the alternative society it creates. Music of all kinds, theatre performances, cinema and art installations – everything to make your senses pop and spark your inspiration for weeks to come.

Waiting for the last part of the documentary!

Kulturkosmos releases a new part of their documentary every year, which are about 40 minutes long and deliciously packed with visually pleasing glimpses of the Fusion world. Find part one and two on their website, followed by the newly released trailer of part three, which is coming soon. The part “Arbeit” will explain the work and organization that go into making Fusion what it is every year, giving us a glimpse into the insane work and structure it has to follow, in order to bring this festival to life. Make sure you check out the first two short films, as they are a real treat for all Fusion fans and visitors, who have seen and experiences the spirit of the festival.

Check out their trailer!

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on August 1st, 2018
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