This Gay Rugby Team from Berlin Knows How to Defeat Stereotypes

photo: Slawomir Urban – URBANKAMERA

Straight men like football, basketball, and rugby. Gay men like gymnastics, ice-skating and yoga. These stereotypes can be right 60ish% of the time (this number is made up). But in some cases, they are so, so wrong and harmful. Stereotypes are a tricky thing. Of course, they help our silly human brains process information quicker and make faster decisions (though not necessarily better decisions). But when it comes to human interactions, your easy stereotypes can feel like a cage to the person you apply it too.

With the mission to show the world that stereotypes should be second-guessed in the case of sports and sexual preferences, the Berlin Bruisers take a strong stand on the field. The gay rugby team’s recent campaign – with the slogan “Fight For Being You” – was published on Facebook, Instagram and in print. When it came out, it caused quite some controversy (especially with straight men), which made me notice it.


On the posters, you see the faces of the team covered with provocative sentences. Behind statements like “I am a cock lover” or “I am a gender bender”, the faces of the players seem to disappear. These are the kinds of insults they’ve had to face on a daily basis – sentences they needed to overcome to become confident adults.

What these men found in their rugby team is a community of different individuals who share the same wish for acceptance of their identity. If you are a Berlin Bruiser, it does not matter if you are fit, strong or young. It only matters that you want to be part of something. And that you are ready to maybe get some bruises playing rugby. Since the story of this particular rugby team is so unique, there is also a documentary coming out in the next month. There will be a screening of it on August 27th at Kino International.

The Berlin Bruisers are constantly looking for new members. If you are interested in joining the team, just find out more about them here.

Responsible for their new Campaign is the advertising agency Zum Goldenen Hirschen.

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