Night Out – A New Berlin Nightlife Movie

Berlin’s infamous nightlife never ceases to inspire filmmakers from all over the world it seems. After big hits such as Berlin Calling, Victoria, and B-Movie now comes a new attempt to capture the one thing that seems to be the city’s main trademark. With Night Out, Greek director and screenwriter Stratos Tzitzis is – more than the previous three examples – focussing on the more lustful aspects of the nightlife. At least that’s the impression you will get from the trailer.

A colorful mix of characters wonders off into the night from house parties and Späti session, over sex shop visits and street parades, to tango sessions by the river and underground punk concerts, and last but not least they end up at the frivolous KitKat Club with way less clothing on than at the beginning of the night.

If you want to get a taste of the film check out the trailer and photos below.

You can catch the flick this week in Berlin cinemas listed below.

Upcoming Screenings of Night Out:

Kino Zukunft – Tue Sept 18 & Wed Sept 19 at 22h,  Fri Sept 21 & Sat Sept 22 at 23.45h

Freiluftkino Pompeji – Sat Sept 22 at 20.15h

b-ware! Ladenkino – Wed Sep 26 at 22.25h


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