6 Awesome Calendars from Berlin for 2020

Getting yourself an actual, material calendar is surely a bold move in times of ubiquitous digitalization. Going analog can bring structure to your hectic life without any of the screen addiction that productivity apps can cause. Buying an actual calendar is also an important gesture of showing support and appreciation to the artist behind it. And obviously, it’s an appropriate gift for almost anyone – and especially useful in Berlin, the city where people need the occasional reminder of conventional concepts of time.

Carphiles Calendar


The Carphiles Calendar is the perfect gift for any aficionado of classic cars! Featuring some of the most impressive posts from the Carphiles Instagram account, this calendar made in Berlin will definitely draw your attention with its tasteful images of cars and architecture. These beautiful photographs taken during trips all around the world are a great way to instantly make your desk look more sophisticated. It’s available at The Store at Soho House, Hallesches Haus, Trüffelschwein, and in their online shop.



Bloody Yes Calendar


The menstruation cycle can be quite a mystery, even if you experience it yourself. The amazing Bloody Yes wall calendar created by the Shevolution Collective wants to demystify this scarlet conundrum. Not only does it provide the user with tools to track their monthly cycle, but it also raises awareness about period issues in general, featuring a booklet with most recent scientific findings. By buying the Bloody Yes calendar, you’re actually making a difference: all profits from the calendar go to the grassroots organization Women for Women International. You can get the calendar at the Edogoods pop-up store on Weserstr. 6 in Neukölln.



TrashEra Calendar


A precious gift for all the lovers of our local techno scene. TrashEra’s 2020 calendar focuses on the particular club space that serves as the backdrop for a surprising amount of club action – the toilet! With illustrations by Nik Patrick Flynn and photography by Andrea Nucifora, the calendar can remind you of your own party antics throughout the year.



Like a Berliner Calendars


Welcome to our tiny universe of iHeartBerlin merchandise! To extend the magic of our recent book beyond its pages, we came up with a few associated products. You can find two super affordable and really cute wall calendars that feature illustrations from our collaboration with Sophia Halamoda. One of them is a classic assortment of some our favorite Like a Berliner characters, while the other revolves around the unique Berlin talent for complaining! You can get the calendar at Hallesches Haus, on the 13th of Dec at Heissa Holzmarkt and online in our own webshop.




Rory Midhani Calendar

The beloved queer artist from Berlin is giving it all in this new 2020 calendar featuring his iconic cardboard artworks depicting queer Berlin scenarios with a lot of sass and kink. It’s most definitively the cutest kinky art you’ve ever seen! You can order it online in Rory’s webshop.




If you’re searching for a tasteful calendar with a nautical vibe, look no further. The charming Meereskalendar by Christina Kuschkowitz is a lovely addition to any desk, and lets you daydream about the seaside anytime you want. Escape into the calming world of sea creatures with just one glance.


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