.HBC Restaurant Re-Opening

.HBC Restaurant Re-Opening

photos by Glamcanyon

Last Thursday the .HBC invited everyone to the re-opening of their restaurant and bar. I had heard so many good things about their kitchen it was about time for me to try it out. The new interior is really beautiful and makes the whole place even cooler then it was before. New bar, new floor, new rooms for the restaurant and great food! The It Boys threw the after party in the pinkroom that was filled with styrofoam flakes. It was a lot of fun jumping around in it. But not so fun anymore when I lost my bag and sweater in it and had to go under looking for it while everyone else was jumping on top of me. Impressions of the food, the restaurant and the party by Katja after the break.

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.HBC Couture: Designer Scouts


photo: Katja Hentschel

As some of you might know we off-of iHeartBerlin have our busy little hands in many pots. One of the by-products of this modest little blog is the .HBC Couture: Designer Scouts fashion show that takes place for the second time during Berlin Fashion Week this coming Thursday at 19h at our beloved .HBC. It has been mad for me in the last couple of weeks putting everything together so CR and Suz will be more active on the blog while I will be running aroung hysterically screaming “Lights, models, guestlist… just do you best, darling!”

To be honest, I’m super excited about the new show. Not only have we renowned Berlin-based designers adddress and Esther Perbandt in our program, we also have a fantastic line-up of 7 young designers and start-up labels, that are showing their runway debuts and new collections. The fashion show itself is a closed event for press and fashion professionals, but we have 2×2 tickets to win for our readers after the jump. Also we are inviting everyone to the official public After Show Party that will start right after the show at 22:30h at .HBC.

After the jump you will see the teaser trailer to the event (made by no other than Katja off-of Glamcanyon-fame), a preview of all our designers and what else they are up to during Fashion Week, and you’ll get all the details for the raffle and party.

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The .HBC Photo Booth


photos: Kieran Behan

As you might have noticed I got a bit lazy  with making party photos in the last weeks. So as I stumbled across these pictures by Kieran Behan taken at the Bar25 @ .HBC party hosted by Comme Ci Comme Ca the other week, I thought of those readers who enjoy these kind of photos so much and decided to post them. I actually like the idea of setting up a fancy backdrop for the photos and have the camera hungry hedonists pose in front of it. It might not capture the actual party very well, but it reflects what kind of people went to it. And it just looks like a lot of fun! More of it after the jump.

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.HBC Couture: Designer Scouts Video


photo: Andre Wagner

A big thank you to all our supporters, especially Beck’s Gold Urban Experience, the .HBC, my wonderful team, our great stylists and make-up artists, our charming models and of course the media who wrote nice things about us! The video of the shows after the jump. We’ll post the photos here shortly.
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Behind the scene of .HBC Couture: Designer Scouts

Behind the scenes of .HBC Couture: Designer Scouts

Wow, this is going to be awesome. It is the most stressful thing I ever went through, but now the last pieces are falling into place and tomorrow morning we will start putting the whole runway set-up together of the .HBC Couture: Designer Scouts event. I’m so excited right now I can’t really sleep.

On Monday we had a group fitting with all the designers and I saw their collection (some of them for the first time). They are really amazing – I can promise you so much. After the jump you will see some behind the scene photos of the fitting. And in our iHeartBerlin.de Facebook group you can win some last minute tickets for the closed event.

Don’t forget to come to the public After Show Party by COMME CI, COMME CA with Sascha Funke, Carsten Klemann and more. We will also have a sound installation with the music of The XX downstairs during the event.

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.HBC 2.0

.HBC Reopening

OMG. How many people wanted to come to the reopening of the beloved .HBC? The lines were so long at times! And since the space is so big now, it didn’t feel too packed. I love the new design, the mirror columns, the neon light fixtures, the little hidden bars in the back rooms and the cool new concrete bar. Gorgeous! The night for me was a night of catching up with so many friends and familiar faces. This place will feel like home in no time. Especially with the Blind Date Swingers Club and Disco Mystix lining up for next weekend already! Impressions after the jump.

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HBC Reopening. Finally!


Far too long have I been waiting for my favorite venue for art and party to reopen. And now the time has finally come that the HBC has finished their reconstructions and opens again this Saturday with a massive opening event. The linup is looking great and includes the fabulous PnP. There will be lot’s of things going on so check the programm after the jump. Go to and join the iHeartBerlin.de Facebook Group to win 2×2 tickets!

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6 Rooms On View Opening Party at .HBC

6 Rooms On View Opening Party at .HBC

Last Thursday the .HBC celebrated the opening of another one of their exhibitions. This time Rommelo Yu showed one of his Ballwalls downstairs and upstairs 6 rooms with a series of video pieces were on view. We took the time to check out quite of few of the films and there really were some gems amongst them. Come midnight the whole event transformed into a hot party with a live performance of Posh the Prince and more. Some impressions after the jump.

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The .HBC is getting demolished

Edifice by Paul Goyette at Flickr.com

photo by Paul Goyette

Oh no, my favorite party location / art space, the .HBC, is being demolished this weekend. Either that or they are having another one of their group shows with the theme of Demolition. It would make sense, though. Make an exhibition with pieces of art that the visitors then can destroy. Interactive art, fun! And that would explain why this event is only open for one night. So don’t forget to bring your sledge hammers and baseball bats! They are promoting the demolition with this crazy video that you can see after the jump.

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A Sunday at .HBC

Paris Suit Yourself at HBC

Last Sunday some people went to Panorama Bar. Others went to Paranormal Bar at HBC. Last ones were rewarded with a wonderful day and an amazing party. The restless Macaronic Duo invited to what I thought would be a lazy afternoon but turned out being a great party with cool music played by T Daance and Iljuscha, Hunnee and Finn Johannson. It started in the early afternoon with smooth music by the Macaronics and nice people having a good time. When the room filled up and it turned evening infamous Paris Suit Yourself heated up the crowd as you can see on the pictures after the jump.

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