The House of Red Doors – New Beginnings

The House of Red Doors – New Beginnings

THE HOUSE OF RED DOORS is back! but for one night only!


After 20 months of laying dormant in Hellish solitude with a world full of pain, sadness and anguish,
We hope we can help heal some of those bruises, banish those sad feelings and bring back some much needed love and sparkle into your lives. It is however met with a little sadness as it will be the last ever House of Red Doors BadBruises will be producing.

After this year of rocky times, the partnership of BB is now ending and we are moving on and writing new chapters as separate souls. Don’t worry it isn’t the end of our magic. Just the end of Bad Bruises. We have plenty more new worlds to create and invite you into and our story has not finished yet!! The best is still to come…

To celebrate this momentous FINALE of Bad Bruises and The House of Red Doors, we are inviting you to dress up in your favourite House of Red Doors theme!

DJ line up –
Dirty Daddy Don
Esther Duijn
Laura De Vasconcelos
Lola Luc
Madmotor Miquel
Plastic Sumo Temple
Cyranotaurus Cortex
The Shredder

Artist Line up –
Julietta La Doll
Martini Cherry Furter
The Berlin Stripper Collective
Mona La Doll
Hottie De Paris
Camp Dad
Cadbury Parfait
Mica Figueiredo
Miss Poppy Cox
Taylor Rose
Dunja Von K
Fifi Fantome
Chika Takahashi
Lucille Spielfuchs
Inga Salome
Becca Sophie
Evilyn Frantic
Valentina Demonia
Live Music –
Ragtime Nightmare

Plus so so so much more…

The House of Red Doors Birthday: Weimar Berlin

The House of Red Doors Birthday: Weimar Berlin

At a time of broadly conservative social values, Berlin in the “goldenen Zwanziger” was a unique island of free expression – The Berliner Luft was an intoxicating potion and the local heroes of the period were openly experimenting and playing with notions of gender, sexuality, art, performance, narcotics and whatever else they felt like taking on.
The creative shockwaves from the Weimar era still resonate loudly today in the streets, bars, clubs, theatres and galleries of this mad city. We are all indebted to these pioneers and on this night we shall celebrate their memory with wild abandon as we also celebrate the birthday of The House of Red Doors!


Please note basic suits and 1920s flapper outfits will not cut it, you have to make a HUGE effort. As this is an ‘easier’ theme, doesn’t mean we won’t be looking for absolute creativity in your outfits. Put a twist on it! Please note – presale tickets do not guarantee entry.

Indulge. Express. Enjoy. Respect

Street clothes will NOT be permitted


No means no. Never take what doesn’t want to be taken and don’t give that’s not wanted. Respect. Respect. Respect.
Anyone who is found to be disobeying these rules, you will be leaving immediately.

We will have our care team walking round the House at all times, watching over you. And any member of staff (incl bar staff) can be spoken to at any time, they are connected via walkie talkie to security and the door.
Take care of one and other and always reach if needed.

*Please note RA tickets does not guarantee entry. You have to comply to The House and Renate’s rules and door policy.

House of Lunacy BIRTHDAY ‘BEST OF’

House of Lunacy BIRTHDAY ‘BEST OF’

Darlings, lovers and dreamers,

It’s time to celebrate two magnificent years of this incredible realm we call House of Lunacy.

As many of you know this is a rebirth for us and our roots run much deeper and longer within Berlin night life and we thank you for joining us for so many years and for stepping through our red doors with such vibrancy, creativity and passion.

We invite you to celebrate the ‘BEST OF’ Lunacy and to celebrate the worlds and realms we have visited over the years.

That’s right! We are inviting you to really get those creative juices flowing and to get your teeth into your very favourite themes.
Whichever part of the Luniverse has sparked your imagination and curiosity the most we invite you to get creative.

We will be transforming Renate into an immersive playground for you to explore and for you to chose which path you take …
whether it’s the sparkling vastness of space, the decadent world of Weimar Berlin, the stunning Midsummer realms and the darkness of Ritual, the gluttonous Sins, Heavenly Creatures, Apocalypse Ballroom, Beasts and Creatures.. which one will you choose?

We can’t wait to celebrate this beautiful creation we have made together as a community of delicious souls. Our common ground has been creating these worlds of Art, beauty and sex positive freedom and we are so grateful for each and every one of you that has joined us over the years.


Our world is only reachable in costume and your costume is the fuel to this madness.
We have a strict dress code –
Weimar dandies and showgirls, circus animals and clowns, beasts and creatures, heavenly and hellish apparitions, cosmic space cadets, demons of the apocalypse.
No effort no entry.

We are a LGBTQ+ space and we do not tolerate any forms of discrimination or Homophobia.

House of Lunacy has a strict dress code and door policy.

Each event is created with a creative theme in mind for guests to explore with their clothes, costumes and bodies.
This is not negotiable and we expect all who jump into this world to join in.

This is to enhance everyones experience and to truly create a new adventurous world of love and freedom.




Darling let’s have a BiSEXual fantasy. Dance in the electronic sound of the Freddie’s basement years. Come dressed up! Cross dress, hat wear, impress! The night will start with the love filled sway of a electro disco star Boom Boom. Followed by a Dance Drag Show choreographed by BLEACH. Finalising in POPPERs Queen karaoke into the night where you dawn the stage! Look the part for Freddies sack, and to be photographed on wide format in the Jude Vadée Photo Booth.

20:00 – Doors
Records Spinning

21:00 – Jacquline Boom-Boom
A Leipzig-based electronic-disco singer-performer and multi-faceted creative! Born and raised in Brazil, Jackie lived a good chunk of life in San Francisco and New York from the late 80s till 2013, when they moved to Berlin and subsequently to Leipzig.


Nancy Nutter –
A shapeshifter and Freddie impersonator. Regular club performer in the renowned sex clubs of Berlin, from Gegen to Pornceputual to programming live performances pieces at Whole Festival. A performer at their height.

Felice Minelli –
Face of the silver screen. Venezuela boy beauty. Actor and star joins the cast setting the homosexual desire of Freddie’s toured years. Always committed to his roll Felice will see play the part in your future wet dreams.

Lesbo Pro –
Pornstar stripper and lesbian professional. From the House of Steel. Lesbo returns to show us their snakey swaying movements. As Freddie feel for all glamour not just the moustached kid. Let your sexuality be switched and just keep dreaming.

Homosexual Drag Queen rockstar stomping and draggin a punk drag revolution. Choreographer booker of the evening. Shall host you into the early hours with POPPERs Queen Karaoke. For some solid wild late night fun!

Jude Vadée Photo Booth –
Our regular POPPERs photographer, will be setting up shop and photographing in Large Format. Stand still and dress impressed to be captured. Come early to be part of the Photo Booth.

– 8€ Presale –

Photo by: Javier Alejandro Cerrada

A Decade in Drag: 10 years of Pansy and the House of Presents

A Decade in Drag: 10 years of Pansy and the House of Presents

10 years ago, Pansy and the House of Presents started their first show at a tiny bar in Neukölln and have since grown into a world-renowned institution of Drag in Berlin. It’s time to celebrate! Join them on Monday, October 3rd at their home away from home SO36 for a FREE show celebrating the last decade in drag. Doors at 20, shows from 21 featuring current and former members of the House and many surprises along the way.

The event visual is made by long-term collaborator Stefan Fähler with the names of the 350+ performers that they have shared the stage with over the last decade. It will be available as exclusive merchandise at the event.

This event is made possible by the Tag der Clubkultur award.

Doors at 20
Shows from 21

Open House with winter market

Open House with winter market

On the second weekend of Advent, the silent green community of tenants opens its doors and warmly invites you to take part in our winter market. At all kinds of booths, both inside and outside, you can get to know and take home delicious and beautiful things from the house and the neighbourhood, collect gift ideas, watch children’s cinema, listen to concerts and DJ sets, make something yourself, or simply enjoy one or two pre-Christmas treats outside by the fire bowl or inside in the warmth.

On both days, the Kino Arsenal offers children from the age of 6 the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of film: On Saturday, the composer and silent film pianist Eunice Martins invites you to a sound workshop. Afterwards, two films with Laurel & Hardy will be shown, which will be scored live by the participants. On Sunday, filmmakers Ute Aurand and Robert Beavers will present a children’s cinema programme of short experimental films.

Musical highlights on Saturday in our Betonhalle will be a couple of DJ sets by silent green tenants and, starting at 6 p.m., live concerts by former Musicboard Berlin scholarship holders.

And at the end of this fortunately again somewhat culturally rich year, we look back on our Derek Jarman exhibition The Garden. Cinematics of the Soil, which took place this summer. On Sunday evening, starting at 6 pm, the curatorial team will present the complete exhibition catalogue that is now being published as part of the project, followed by a reading by the participating filmmaker Philip Scheffner, and we will once again show Jarman’s film The Garden, which wanders between dream and reality, idyll and pain, beauty and transience.

Saturday, December 4
2 pm–8 pm: market, DJ-sets and workshops
2 pm / 3 pm: Historic tour (60 minutes respectively)
3 pm: Arsenal presentes “Großes Kino, kleines Kino“: sound workshop for children with composer and silent film pianist Eunice Martins (for children from the age of 6)
4 pm: Arsenal presents: films with Laurel & Hardy, scored by the participants of the sound workshop Eunice Martins at the piano
6 pm–10 pm: concerts in the Betonhalle (the 2G-rules apply)
Sunday, December 5
noon – 6 pm: market and workshops
noon / 1 pm: Historic tour (60 minutes respectively)
4 pm: Arsenal presents “Großes Kino, kleines Kino“: Ute Aurand and Robert Beavers present experimental short films (for children from the age of 6)
6 pm: Catalogue presentation. Reading and film screening of The Garden in the Kuppelhalle (the 2G-rules apply)
Admission to all parts of the programme is free

Welcome to the ‘C/O Berlin Open House – hosted by Airbnb’

Welcome to the ‘C/O Berlin Open House – hosted by Airbnb’


I’m sure that for many of us, Airbnb has completely changed the way we travel and experience cities and places over the past few years. Airbnb has opened doors to private homes, people’s lives and otherwise hard to reach places, giving us a more immersive travel experience than we could have ever imagined.

For some time now, Hosts can not only offer their homes on Airbnb, but also experiences. Just like the many unique stays on Airbnb, these experiences are offered by Hosts around the world who offer their guests authentic adventures for every conceivable interest.

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Jump House Berlin: Back to the Nineties

Jump House Berlin: Back to the Nineties

My professional experience in viral topics connected to Berlin would result in following list: Berghain, Berghain, Berghain, Porn, Sex, Avocado Toast and Bouncy Castles. Yes! Bouncing castles and bouncy houses are totally a thing now in Berlin. A couple of years ago a giant bouncy castle was opened in Berlin for a contemporary dance festival (one of those events that was described as super pretentious by mainstream society, but was actually super fun instead). The lines where huge and the hype legit: the bouncing castle was one of the funniest thing in my life.

Where there is a hype – there is a business man making money with it. Last Friday a place called Jump House Berlin opened its doors for the adrenaline hungry Berliners who can not wait to encourage their internal organs to switch places inside their body (who cares about natural order, it’s Berlin after all!). The promo video (with an interesting choice in music) was shared so many times in my Facebook stream that I started wondering if I should look out for new friends. The bold color choice of orange and purple reminds me of the sport center SEZ at Landsberger Allee: the biggest sport park in the history of the former GDR. Maybe it’s the nostalgia for your childhood when you were listening to Jump for Joy by 2Unlimited and literally jumped on your bed up and down, or maybe it’s the curiosity to experience something completely new: the Jump House Berlin is waiting for your in all its atrocious beauty in the “Szenekiez” Reinickendorf. More about the jump after the jump.

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House of Haunted Hearts – Photos Part 1: The Haunted House

House of Haunted Hearts – Photos Part 1: The Haunted House

For this year’s special I HEART BERLIN live event Claudio and I chose something that we feel particularily excited about: Halloween. Bringing together creative minds from the worlds of theatre, perfomance art, fashion, publishing and music we created the House of Haunted Hearts that opened its doors on Thursday with a DIY costume workshop, a haunted house with artistic performances, an outfit contest, a haunted porn booth and of course a big Halloween party.

It was a huge success for us as so many people came with amazing costumes and great enthusiasm for Halloween. In fact I took so many photos that I have to split the set into several posts starting today with a look behind the scenes and into our Haunted House that was created by set-designers Buchholz&Kraatz in the huge basement of our venue the Naherholung Sternchen. Inside was not only a creepy labyrinth but also performances of Israeli artists Gal Naor, Moran Sanderovich with sound scapes by Inon Peres, as well as choreographer Patrick Faurot. See for yourself after the jump.

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