A Berlin Guide to Local Vacationing

Now that Corona has thrown all our annual plans completely over the edge, after an understandable phase of disorientation and a pinch of healthy self-pity, it is time for a new orientation.

Since long trips, festivals and clubbing are canceled for the summer, we have to get creative with what is left for us to do. After endless weeks locked down in our own four walls, most of us are drawn outside into nature, far away from our well-known quarantine station. We want to get away, get out, and experience something new. So we have been thinking about how you can make this year’s weekends a little more exciting.

Urban Tenting


How about experiencing this town you feel like you already know well from another perspective. That is, from a tent, and not your comfy bed! Urban Tenting is a trend, which invites you to have some camping fun with your friends in your own hometown. No need to travel far, there are campsites all around Berlin, like for example, the Sunset Marina at Pichelswerder See in the beautiful Grunewald. Fellow bloggers Marlen Mueller and Thomas Adler from Urban Tenting have been a true inspiration for this feel-good activity.


photo: Marlen Mueller & Thomas Adler




Urban Boating


If you have been anywhere near a river or canal in Berlin the last few weeks, there is one thing you will not have missed: All of Berlin is headed for the water! Whether by little boat, canoe, raft or rental motorboat – there are no limits to your water adventure wishes. Apart from the rubber boat parties on the Landwehrkanal, you can also rent canoes there close to U Prinzenstraße! Or head over to Treptower Park, where you can paddle a fun pedal boat across the lake.

Those who prefer to do a whole tour are best to rent canoes in the Spreewald with some friends or a raft on the Wannsee for the day. Call early enough and don’t forget to book!


photo: iHeartBerlin




Bike Touring


There is a roadster this year who is celebrating a very special revival: The bicycle! While the subways are yawning with emptiness, the streets are unusually crowded. Everyone is recapturing a piece of their freedom. That’s why joint cycling tours are more popular than ever. Whether through Berlin, past the Tiergarten and the Siegessäule, on to Checkpoint Charlie and the beautiful Oberbaumbrücke bridge over the Spree or in the countryside through the beautiful Grunewald. But would you rather go to the lake? Then try a tour to the beautiful Liebnitzsee or Karowsee. Or a bicycle tour around the Müggelsee with a detour to idyllic Neuvenedig. Whether a short excursion or a day tour, beginners or advanced with a little research – you will find your suitable bike tour.


photo: Urte Kaunas






If it should be something completely different and you secretly have the desire to escape the city a little, it is best to be creative and flexible with your holiday planning. How about renting a house in Brandenburg together with your friends or partner and instead of the usual city sounds, just listen to the idyllic countryside. Whether it’s an apartment, a villa or a room on a farm – just getting out helps against the corona blues.


photo: Ant Rozetsky






Since tourism at the Baltic Sea is allowed again, you can even dare to plan a trip to the sea with your loved ones. Whether only for a weekend or even for your summer holiday. The baltic sea ticket (Ostseeticket) of the Deutsche Bahn will be very popular this summer. Whether getting a ticket to Stralsund and taking the ferry over to Hiddensee, a bike tour on Rügen or a trip to beautiful Warnemünde. Baltic sea summer 2020 it is!


Foto: Pxhere




City Tripping


Get out of Berlin! Even though we love it unconditionally, it’s sometimes good to bring a little variety into your habits. Cities like Leipzig, Dessau, and Dresden are only a stone throw away and offer a different cityscape directly. Hop on the Flixbus with your mask on or get a cheap train ticket. Charming old towns, a swing of new people and sweet parks await you!


photo: Denis Jung

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