A Christmas Gift Guide for Berlin Fans

Without even realizing it, another year as almost flown by. Once again, Christmas is already upon us and besides the bitterness of not having achieved all the unrealistic goals we have established for us during the year, we have to face “the final year challenge”: searching and buying the perfect Christmas presents. Most of us consider it as a demanding task (because come on, let’s say the truth: most of us do not enjoy spending time searching for the perfect gift to buy in crowded shopping malls). However, we all have that old friend who really cares about receiving Christmas gifts and we all know that our mum is expecting a little present this year as well. Whether we like it or not, we are all going to Christmas shopping.

But what makes this treasure hunt difficult are always the same issues: “I do not know what to buy!”, “I am not feeling inspired”, “last year I bought my girlfriend a pair of secondhand gloves, I need something original this year!”. Don’t panic: we are here for you! We prepared an awesome gift list to help you find the most fantastic presents and souvenirs for your beloved ones, family members or Berlin fans and friends. Have a look, you will surely find something interesting and cool. Why are we sure that you are going to make a good impression? Because our present suggestions all have the cool Berlin style.

iHeartBerlin Book & Stickers

The iHeartBerlin Book is the latest installment of our IHB/IRL, which stands for “iHeartBerlin In Real Life” products. Less than a month ago we published our first tiny language book, a tongue-in-cheek introduction to the most used German words useful to survive in Berlin. This cute, small and practical book covers the four vital areas of expressions relating to happiness, insults, slang, and why not, words connected with sex. This is definitely the perfect gift for anyone who needs to get out of their “Späti-language” comfort zone and to improve their German language knowledge. Drop by at Hallesches Haus and get yourself one copy! You would also find our amazing iHeartBerlin Stickers Sheet there. Our stickers are about the ultimate Berlin-related word games, perfect to customize your diaries, agendas or laptop. This is definitely a cool Christmas present combo!

Notes of Berlin 2019 Calendar

2019 is just around the corner. Notes of Berlin, the award-winning blog about the most entertaining, creative or cryptic paper highlights from Berlin everyday life, has created the perfect calendar for you. The best paper highlights found on the streets are illustrated inside the calendar, which will tell you about neighborhood disputes, theft, love and many other sorts of curiosities such as leopards and escaped unicorns. Simplifying the concept: just about Berlin life.

“It’s Berlin” T-Shirts by Daniel-Ryan Spaulding

There is no doubt: Daniel-Ryan Spaulding is definitely the sassiest Berlin observer and our favorite stand-up comedian in the city. He is well known all around for his hilarious videos about Berlin lifestyle and his jokes about German attitudes. If you look for a cheeky present, check out his funny T-shirts on his website: they are “so Berlin”!

Fundamental Berlin Snowflake Set

Fundamental Berlin is a local interior design label. Its objects are so appealing that this year the label was even featured in the New York Times Holiday Gift Guide 2018. But if you think that local design is always expensive, you are wrong! Many are the amazing design objects offered online which are totally affordable. What about a charming snowflake set ornament to decorate your parents´ Christmas trees with elegance and style? This present is definitely mom-approved.

Carphiles 2019 Calendar

If you are keen on beautiful cars, you should definitely check Carphiles website.  In order to keep track of every day of the upcoming year with a certain style and finesse, Carphiles has created a brand-new 2019 calendar, selecting worldwide pictures of 12 cars representing every month of the new year. This design calendar comes in a limited and hand-numbered edition of 100 calendars: hurry up and get one! You can find it at Hallesches Haus.  

KPM x The Botanical Room Planters

The Kreuzberg plant shop “The Botanical Room” is proud to present you its brand new collection with KPM, the Royal Porcelain Manufactory. These new planters are made of fine porcelain and have a hand-made green coloration on the lower part of the cup that has been designed exclusively for The Botanical Room. This is the perfect gift for whoever has a green thumb but cannot renounce to design.

The UY Keychain

If you are thinking about an original present for your techno-lover friend who lives for black outfits and leather accessories, at the Berlin-based genderless fashion shop “UY” you can find their ultimate product, the keychain. It is made out of 100% leather (obviously) and available in two sizes. Affordable, practical and sexy.

Pieces of Berlin 2014 – 2018: The New Book

Pieces of Berlin 2014-2018 is a well-done attempt to lay out and capture a picture of Berlin’s everyday life. This new book is a recap of the last 5 years of the project, in which realistic documentations and pictures of the current bustle, constant changes and raw scenes of our metropolis have been framed. Highly recommended to everyone, from Berlin-based people, to Berlin-lovers and to anyone who can relate to the city lifestyle.


Kaffeeform Weducer

Kaffeeform is the hottest and sustainable invention. Have you ever imagined that you could enjoy your latte macchiato in coffee cups being made from old coffee grounds and other renewable materials? Does this sound too beautiful to be true? You better believe it! And guess what: they are even dishwasher-friendly. For the coffee-lovers who are always in a hurry, we recommend the new amazing takeaway coffee cup.


Beard Grooming OAK Products

The products from OAK are probably every bearded guy’s dream when it comes to taking care of their beard (including all the problems its neglect could bring about, obviously!). We recommend OAK products because they are free of paraben and other hazardous chemicals. Since beards are still a style standard for men in Berlin, this gift definitely belong to our list!

Herr Pong x Andrea Wan – Ghost Keychain

The Berlin-based illustrator Andrea Wan teamed up with Herr Pong Berlin to create an amazing new product. The result is the “Little Ghost Keychain”, aka the cutest keychain around. The little ghost is one of the most significant characters of the illustrator´s stories, who had traveled the whole world before finding its permanent home in the forest. This premium first-grain leather key holder comes with two different prints.

Candide Pralines

When it is about chocolate, there is no doubt that Candide has the most exquisite pralines in the city. Who can say no to delicious pralines – especially if they are Berlin handmade? Candide has many different lovely options for you, and they all come in different kinds of flavors. Obviously, eyes must be fed too: the delicious pralines are served in pretty designed boxes. Check their sweet pop-up store on the first floor of Bikin Berlin: you will surely not get out with empty hands or an empty stomach.

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