A Comprehensive Map Of Cozy Relaxing Places To Survive Berlin Winter

photo: Kinga Cichewicz

We all know how special Berlin is: this city has an incredible history, an amazing culture, an exciting nightlife, a distinctive architecture and so much more.

But when it is about describing its weather, it is not possible to lie: it can be bad for half of the year.

Moreover, winter is coming, namely the time of the year in which the greyness of the city reaches its high and we can easily get moody and gloomy. I do not exaggerate when I say that I would prefer to hibernate in my WG awaiting the next cheerful season, instead of strolling around the city with the freezing Berlin cold.

We cannot do anything with bad weather, but we can avoid bad weather affecting our moods!
We do not need to escape the city to escape from darkness and melancholy. Here are some suggestions to survive the Berlin winter and find the relaxation and the warmth our soul needs. This customized map is pretty interesting and motivating: have you ever thought about yoga retreats, Thai massages or spending a day at the spa?



Have a look at the customized map online and decide where to have wellness treatments or where to meditate in a comfortable and quiet place. If you need some action instead, choose where to do some yoga exercises, or where to spend a day in the nature to breathe fresh air. But if you are just searching for a nice place where to enjoy some vegan and vegetarian meals to boost your healthy diet, you can have a look too.

Get inspired, cozy feelings are needed!

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