A Drink at the Opera – Photos from Cocktails & Movies with Staatsoper Berlin


How does the Apocalypse taste? What would you like to drink on the last night before the world ended? Maybe your choice would be Champagne? Or would it be a refined cocktail with a wildflower swimming in it?

The newest production Violetter Schnee by Staatsoper Unter den Linden is all about the end of the world. Five people are trapped inside a bunker and when they leave it to see if the world is alright they discover they are doomed forever.

The opera is inspired by the cult movie Solaris from Andrei Tarkowski where 3 men float in space around an enigmatic planet called Solaris. Since this movie from the 70s is rarely shown in public, together with Staatsoper we decided to create a unique night to present this nostalgic piece of cinematic art.



photos: Olga Khristolyubova

To start the evening we teamed up with the Cocktail Masters from Russian Standard to create a perfect drink for our Apocalypse-themed cocktail reception in the wonderful marble Apollosaal.

The result was a delicious drink with a base of Russian Standard Platinum, Blue Curacao, and Grenadine. The second drink of the night was a Dry Martini that was perfectly fitting the nostalgic feel of the Russian movie from Tarkowski.

The host of the night was no other than the general director of Staatsoper Matthias Schulz who welcomed the audience with a warm speech. Before the movie started the dramaturg of the opera explained the historic and narrative connection with the movie Solaris.


We had a wonderful night and even though the movie is a science fiction space trip it kind of felt like a journey into the past. I hope all our guests enjoyed the drinks and the atmosphere and for all of you who have missed it you can still see the Opera Violetter Schnee on the 26 and the 31 of January 2019.

A big thank you to the team of Staatsoper and Russian Standard for collaborating with us on this unique event. We already excited for the next one to come.

photos: Olga Khristolyubova

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