A Haunting in the Plattenbau: The New Horror Show Hausen

If you’re a fan of horror and looking for some binge-worthy German series for the upcoming lockdown 2.0, we just might have a recommendation for you. Check out “Hausen”, the new horror series available on Sky – especially if you agree that giant East German apartment blocks have something monstrous about them. 

The creators of “Hausen” decided to go beyond the concept of a haunted house and set their chilling narrative in an entire apartment block, with key scenes filmed in a Plattenbau in Berlin. Naturally, the huge building with multiple floors along with its inhabitants enables the series to function as an intricate labyrinth of separate horror stories. 

We follow the protagonists – 16-year-old Juri and his father Jaschek – as they move in and slowly get entangled within the ominous surroundings. As if meeting the creepy neighbors wasn’t scary enough, it soon becomes apparent that the old apartment block itself seems to have a life of its own – and it does not come in peace.


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