A New Subway and Train Map for Berlin

The Berlin transit map is probably one of the very first images a newcomer in the city gets familiar with. For a variety of reasons – the most obvious one being that it’s the ultimate guide when you’re coming back from a night out and your phone dies. But did you ever question the design of the map? Were your tired eyes ever lost along the rigid straight lines? Well, the bright minds behind the New Berlin Rapid Transit Route Map project thought the current official map needed some updating – read on to find out what they came up with!

The project’s website provides a detailed insight into the thought process behind the design of the new map. The transit lines look more fluid, with the design more oriented at their actual shape, which probably makes the map easier to follow and memorize. According to the map’s creators, it’ll help you direct your steps more efficiently and ”delight your eyes” at the same time.




You’ll enjoy checking out their website even if you’re not an urban engineer – they’ve included some extremely interesting historical maps of Berlin’s transit, starting at 1896. For me, the biggest surprise of all was probably the quite literal depiction of the ring in the 30s.



What are your thoughts? Does the New Berlin Rapid Transit Route Map really have the potential to replace the current official map? Let us know what you think in the comment section!

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