Come to the Sleepless Cocktail & Movie Night at the Staatsoper

On November 16, we are happy to present the third Cocktail & Movie Night at Apollosaal in collaboration with Staatsoper Berlin. The concept of the evening is unique. Inside this baroque venue, we will play some electronic music while our guests will be served a complimentary signature cocktail by Russian Standard & Schweppes before the movie, matching the motto of the evening: SLEEPLESS. And all this for the price of a regular night at the cinema.

On this evening we will show you Kornél Mundruczó’s fantasy film WHITE GOD. The director, who is currently staging the world premiere of Peter Eötvös’ SLEEPLESS at the Staatsoper (premiere: November 28, 2021), will welcome the audience on-site and talk about his work. Mundruczó’s last film, Pieces of a Woman, starring Vanessa Kirby and Shia LaBeouf, was honored with several awards and an Oscar nomination. So this is a unique opportunity for all cinema lovers, opera lovers, and cocktail lovers alike. Get your ticket here fast before it’s sold out.


About the movie White God:

A young girl rides her bicycle through an eerily deserted Budapest. On a bridge, she cycles past a car with its doors open, no driver in sight for miles. As if sensing a diffuse danger, she looks around: Just as the rats once followed the Pied Piper of Hamelin, legions of stray dogs mysteriously conspire against humanity. From the very first images of Kornél Mundruczó’s film Underdog, there is a subtly unsettling mystery that steadily intensifies as events unfold.

In his sixth film, the Hungarian director creates a horror scenario of the uprising of a humiliated species against its tormentors, a parable of social ills, not only in Hungary but in the whole world.



About Kornél Mundruczó’s work at the State Opera

Right now Kornél Mundruczó is staging the world premiere of Peter Eötvös’ SLEEPLESS. The new opera, based on the story “Sleepless” by Norwegian author Jon Fosse, tells a kind of modern Christmas story with “Bonnie and Clyde” motifs and can be experienced starting November 28.

For all the visitors of the Cocktail & Movie Night on November 16, there will be a ticket offer for the performances of the Opera SLEEPLESS.

A Sleepless Cocktail & Movie Night with White Dog by Kornél Mundruczó
Tuesday, November 16, 2021
19:00 Admission and apéritif thanks to Russian Standard & Schweppes
20:00 Start WHITE GOD – Hungarian with English subtitles

Ticket price: 12 euro – Buy here  – the Event is 2G (vaccinated and recovered) 


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