After School Hustle: The Coolest Coaches of Berlin

photo: After School Hustle

How to sustain Berlin’s status as a creativity hub and support its talent? How to make sure the art scene remains inclusive and reinforces the community? Luckily, there are guys in Berlin who care about finding answers to those questions – and will go to great lengths creating projects that truly have a positive impact on the community. After School Hustle is a great example – and it addresses the folks that really have the potential to make a change in the decades to come – the high school students!

The program, founded and directed by Pawel Mordel, provides free skill-building workshops for high schoolers in Berlin. After School Hustle is still quite a recent project. They’ve just started out in the summer of the previous year and yet what they’ve accomplished so far is already pretty impressive.

Pawel Mordel, photo: After School Hustle

The goal is to develop a supplementary pillar for the education opportunities that are offered to teenagers. In its first year, the pilot program focused on four basic creative disciplines: photography, film making, writing and illustration – presented by Tim Theisen, Boris Saposchnikow, Adrian Bianco and Johnny Terror.

Coach Juri Maier

This month, the topics include such diverse areas like acting and woodwork.  Not only does it equip the students with vital practical skills – it also directly exposes them to inspiring coaches – people who got to where they are today by carving their own path with a lot of hard work and determination.

Coach Lenny Müller

All of them are professionals in their respective fields – and participate in After School Hustle on a volunteer basis.  It’s all about paying it forward and sharing their knowledge and experience with the next generation. People recognize the quality of the project and support it – funding for the program comes entirely from private donors.

The program doesn’t have a permanent location, but again – the Berlin community was able to come through with their help, providing a space very close to our heart – the Kotti content creation paradise by the name of Blogfabrik, where iHeartBerlin is based as well.

Coach Valentina Maceri

For the upcoming Easter Holiday, After School Hustle is introducing another project in cooperation with Lenny Müller and a group of super cool coaches – appropriately called After School Muscle, it features 14 free workout for high-schoolers every day during the Easter school break. Check it out, spread the word, and get inspired. We hope there will be more projects like this supporting youths.

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