An Unforgettable Experience at the New Resto-Bar Bellboy Berlin

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure to be invited to try out a brand new resto-bar in Berlin and we finally want to share our experience with you today. 

Bellboy Berlin is a concept bar that comes from Israel and much like other places from there such as Benedict, Night Kitchen, and Shishi, you can expect an overall experience for the senses and heart and not just a regular restaurant visit.

There is something about the gastronomic scene in Berlin that really focuses on the food rather than ambiance and overall experience. I don’t know if it’s something frowned upon here to make the extra effort of creating more than just good food or whatever the reason is, I’m glad the Israelis coming here are not bothered and just do their own thing. It’s great Berlin gives everyone the freedom to follow their own path. And certainly, the people have the hunger for a new experience so really it’s a win-win for everyone.



With this little pretext you probably already know what’s coming next: Yes, Bellboy Berlin is not your ordinary bar or restaurant. It’s an experience. From the arrival process, ambiance, service, menu, food, and drink styling, up to the bathroom, there are so many forms of stimulation that you will leave the place completely dazzled. At least that’s what we felt like.

Let’s start with the drinks, shall we? The cocktail menu is the heart of the place. There is so much effort put into this, from the unusual names (“A Lesson in Fisting”), the extravagant ingredients (Blue Cheese, Smoked Chipotle, Poppy Seeds, etc.) to the spectacular vessels they come in (all of which can also be purchased to take home). We were able to sample a couple of these immaculate creations that came in rotating ball dresses, a red ceramic fist, and a real shell. Some drinks also come in a beautiful cocktail or liquor glasses, with amazing details such as ice cubes in the shape of a rose or covered in a crust of colored sugar. They are all experiences for all the senses, not just an amusement of our tongue.



The food is on an equally high level and really took us by surprise – both in terms of presentation and taste. We were able to try out a few things from all menu sections, starters, firsts, and mains. The highlights were certainly the duck liver paté that came in the shape of a gold rubber ducky, the kingfish tartare covered in an orange buttermilk-yuzu cream, and the luxury chicken nuggets. The main courses were absolutely delightful: the steamed sea bass on roasted greens was as soft as butter, and so was the beef filet with kimchi gratin. The panna cotta dessert was also such a stunner: it came in the form of a happy buddha.

But to only praise, the food and drink would not do Bellboy justice. The service was incredible, which has been my experience in Israeli-run places here all the time. For one night, the waiter will be your best friend – and you can’t say no to sharing a shot with them at the end. 

But the place itself added a lot to the magic. The ambiance of the main room is giving us old gentlemen club vibes, but with some spooky elements such as scary dolls, crooked lampshades, and a special “elevator” with flickering lights that brings you to the pink room (for special occasions) and from there to the pink disco bathrooms that have a completely different vibe going on. In general, I was reminded a bit of the vibe of the bar and restaurant of the Sleep No More theater piece in New York that also recreated a twisted version of a 1920s cabaret theater.




With so much to taste, try and discover the time really flew by in Bellboy Berlin, and thanks to the hospitality and generosity of the team we ended up spending over 5 hours in the place. And since we clearly had a hard time letting go and saying our goodbyes on our visit, it is pretty certain we will be back there very soon for another unforgettable experience.

If you are curious about the place, we have some impressions from our visits. You can have a look at the drinks and food menu online to get an idea of the options and prices. 

Bellboy Berlin, Mohrenstr. 30, 10117 Berlin-Mitte

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