Artist to Turn Halle am Berghain into Immersive Prehistoric Wetlands

artwork: Jakob Kudsk Steensen. 

Berghain as we know it has been closed for over a year now. But the corona-imposed lockdown restrictions have transformed it into an occasional art gallery, much to the chagrin of some local hipsters. This summer, Berghain will yet again open its doors to art lovers and anyone who’s always wanted to see the halls of the famous club but never made it inside. 

Have you ever wondered about the beginnings of the area that ultimately transformed into the vibrant metropolis we call home? You will be able to find out all about the mighty swamp that started it all in an upcoming exhibition that will be available to visit in the Halle am Berghain starting 10th July 2021 until 26th September 2021.


Jakob Kudsk Steensen, 3D scan of wetland soil, work in progress, 2020.


The artwork is commissioned by the Berlin LAS foundation. As we can find out from the LAS website, the artist behind the installation, Jakob Kudsk Steensen, is exploring minute details of Berlin’s long-gone natural landscape in order to create an astounding space. 

The installation with elements of VR will be an immersive experience that is designed to bring the viewers closer to the natural history of the region and highlight the intersections between the prehistoric and current landscape elements. 

The huge Halle am Berghain with its lofty walls will undoubtedly serve as a fantastic exhibition space for this immersive installation. We can also hope that the Studio Berlin project, which reimagines Berghain as an art gallery in collaboration with the art collection Boros, will resume once the corona restrictions allow it. But with regards to when will Berghain resume its regular program, the question remains…

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