Pumps for Art


If you’ve been wondering what to do with that old pair of pumps you’ve worn just over 20,000 times and still can’t bear to throw away or how you wish your boring black pumps could magically give themselves a make-over, then click your heels because you’re in luck! The AVR Shop in Mitte will curate an installation made from worn and new pumps and they need your help! Point your heels after the jump for more details.

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Work It, Flaunt It, Own It


This Thursday, Filippa K and Stil in Berlin invite you to work it, flaunt it and own it! In celebration of their autumn collection you’re invited to drop by, style your look with selected pieces from Filippa’s K latest autumn collection and your own clothes and accessories, say cheese and if you make it to the top three with the most innovative styles, then you’ll get to keep it! And if not, fret not, stick around, strike a pose, pucker up and cam-whore for Dario. (We know you want to…) The hottest looks will get shot and featured. Details after the pose.

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Bye Bye Birdie


photo by Philo Nordlund

Two days ago I received an email that shocked me. The Belleville in Mitte which carries labels like Rozab del Mura, Bo Van Melskens, airbag and FIN among others is closing down. Having moved in there for a month in June during SUKA SUKA, I felt a * Thud * as I read Fredericke’s email.

Call it what you want and blame it on the rain or the ‘Financial Crisis’, the debateable bad location, or a store that after 5 years, simply wasn’t able to keep the Benjamin’s flowing, that jet-black bird is taking off (if you’ve been to the store, you’ll know what I mean). So starting September 1st til the 30th a ‘Last Days Clearance Sale‘ on pretty much everything in the store, allows you the chance to shop while you pay your last respects. As long as it doesn’t hold up the foundations of the store, then it’s for sale. Bye-bye Belleville, you’ll be missed. Details after the click.

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House Music


photo by RossinaBossioB

You may have heard that the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year. On Friday, the Sound Studies program at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) will hold an auditory exploration on the different layers of the house in a performance called HausKlang, where 12 different artists will be presenting their sound interpretations of that lovely oyster-shaped-Haus in Tiergarten. More event details after the beat.

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Be Kind, Rewind


I thought it would be quite appropriate to quote the title of one of my favourite movies for this post. We’re excited to announce an audio-visual extravaganza that hits play tomorrow. Videokills presents its first International Video Festival 2009 at our favourite swimming pool party haunt Stattbad Wedding. Fast forward for more details.

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Green is my new obsession


Julia Starp

During Berlin Fashion Week I checked out two simultaneous Green fashion showrooms that were running in the city, thekey.to and the GREEN Showroom. I for one was on the look out for labels which were unique and fashion-forward rather than the usual ‘this Tee may be eco-friendly but it still makes me look like I belong on the Lord of the Rings set’ sorta thing.

And thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed. Truth be told, I ended up being enamoured with quite a selection of creative, green ideas that really made me wish I knew how to operate a sewing machine. Hmmm. Anyway, check out my gorgeous, green discoveries after the jump.

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Post Graffiti


Mode 2

This Friday, one of my favourite galleries in Mitte Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery and Urban Affairs extended will be hosting a vernissage to introduce their latest collabo Post Graffiti – a collection of seven internationally renowned street and graffiti artists from the likes of Sharp, Delta, Mode 2, Eron, Neon, Ebon Heath and Czarnobyl, most of whom have added their creative talent to the Berlin street art landscape and beyond. And if you still think I’m going on about chemical elements and Greek alphabets, then slap me silly, call me Sally and check here and here before you set down your aerosol cans and flick to more pics after the jump.

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Silky Flowy Shiny


Sabrina Dehoff S/S 2010 – click to enlarge

Berlin Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2010 – Review Part 2

Sabrina Dehoff‘s Sweet Surrender show stealer for me was the sneaker jewellery, a collaboration with Nike Air Max 1s. These glitzy ‘kick-accessories’ were an original pairing to the charming Summer 2010 silk collection, which with their pastel palettes, delicate white clouds on baby blue-grey skies and shimmery, soft accents looked perfect to slip into on a hot summer day. A detail shot of the shoes and my impressions of Kaviar Gauche and Deanoor after the jump.

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Making Senses (out of Bubble Gum!)


photos: Wrigley’s

We spent Last Wednesday and Thursday at the 5 GUM Vision Lab at the Weekend Club in Berlin. Friends have asked me since what went down and why I was holed up at in a club for two days straight. Well, in my opinion we were at a swanky PR/Marketing exercise by Wrigley’s in conjunction with the launch of their latest chewing gum – 5 GUM. Under the header “Making Senses” we were treated to not only up-close encounters from the likes of Scott Schuman a.k.a. The Sartorialist , Mark Eley from Eley Kishimoto (loves!), Front Design, Telse Bus, Ewan Pearson and Sissel Tolaas (my other personal favourite, the woman speaks 9 languages and makes bad smells sexy, enough said) BUT we also got to hear from 10 hopeful contestants, there to pitch their project and win over the judge’s for 10,000 EURO in cold hard cash. Oh and we were treated to lots of chewing gum, of course. I have to say the new range is pretty addictive and I know of a certain someone who stashed away a lifetime’s supply of gum, and then some. More of my 5 GUM experience after the jump.

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48 Hours Neukölln


The weekend is here, Hurrahh! Although Friday morning in Berlin will be forever remembered by the sad news of the King of Pop we’re raising a shiny white glove and hoping the sun will shine this weekend to bring us some happy vibes to hang out with at the 11th 48 Hours Neukölln Arts and Culture festival. This Kiez in South-East Berlin affectionately termed “The Ghetto” by a friend of mine and known for its unusual and refreshing art and culture scene is worth heading to this weekend (if you don’t already live there). More info after the jump.

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