Sukasuka Spiel

Sukasuka Pop-Up Store

Suka-suka is a Malaysian word that means to have fun, to enjoy yourself and to be happy. Or as I like to term it – it’s 1 part fun, 2 parts excitement. And it’s a concept, which we (a dear friend and I) decided to run with and translate into a (not so) little project that opened its doors a few days ago – a pop-up store and showroom in Mitte. Our Sukasuka tale continues after the jump.

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Listening with my eyes

Ebon Heath - Listening with my eyes

No, it’s not the sequel to Eyes Wide Shut (ok, that was lame, sorry) but something much, much better – a new Font exhibition! You know we love our Fonts – and this Friday we’re totally going to go check out Ebon Heath‘s Listening With My Eyes opening reception at the Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery (what some of you might know as ProjektGALERIE) in Torstrasse. More info after the jump.

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15 Minutes of Fame

photo by tochis at flickr

photo: tochis at Flickr

Actually it’s anything but Fame. It’s about presenting a view, a thought or your favourite subject. It’s about connecting with people. Making them laugh, think, cry, cheer or anything else you want them to feel. It’s your moment to share and to be heard. You could also rant, debate, provoke, empower or inspire. It’s anything you want it to be, except a sales pitch of any sorts.

What am I talking about?

It’s making its debut in Berlin. It’s happening on 12 June and it’s called Interesting Berlin. Interested? (pun intended) Then read on to find out more.

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Font Heroes – Buchstabenmuseum

There are a few things that pull at my heart-strings such as the smell of coffee, art, flea markets, beaches, bubbles and fonts. You know the feeling, it starts your tummy and runs up your spine Sometimes it ends in a high. Like buying a new pair of shoes. Or lying on your favourite beach. Or reading something on your favourite font.

And so, I was very excited as my attention was recently drawn towards the Buchstabenmuseum (Museum of the Letter) in Mitte. They’re real font heroes in my opinion. If you’re curious to know why, then read on after the jump.

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Spreading Artsy Love

Papergirl on Bike


If there’s one thing I love about Berlin it’s the flow of creative energy that runs through the city. It’s a subtle vibe that wafts through the air and if you’re lucky enough to catch it, you’re hooked for a while, almost like an art junkie seeking out the next good hit. Yes, we love art. We also like sharing our art discoveries with you. And true to the motto sharing is caring Papergirl is one artsy project we’re hoping to catch. Literally. More details after the jump.

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McGee. Templeton. Pettibon.

BARRY MCGEE: Untitled, 2008. Ink on paper, 10″ x 8″ (25,4 cm x 20,32 cm); in courtesy of the artist.

Barry McGee: Untitled, 2008. in courtesy of the artist.

I’m going to make this one short and sweet since I’m juggling moving into a new flat, scheduling meetings in the sun and trying to reorganise my weekly schedule to fit this exhibition opening in!

A new exhibition by Barry McGee, Ed Templeton and Raymond Pettibon is dropping this Thursday evening at the Circleculture Gallery. If artistic depictions inspired by skateboarding, graffiti and punk are enough to get your freak on, then lace up those kicks and bounce on down after the jump.

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Spring Awakening

Frühlingserwachen by Monika Rittershaus

photos by Monika Rittershaus

I do dare say that Spring might be finally making its way to Berlin. Finally! We at love the Spring time. And just recently I also caught a ‘whiff’ of Spring at Frank Wedekind’s play Frühlings Erwachen at the Berliner Ensemble. Directed by Claus Peymann and put on by a host of young talents, this was one awakening that surely didn’t go unnoticed. More infos and pictures after the jump.

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Heno Heno

Heno Heno - Berlin

Being Asian, food runs in my blood. I love tracking down good restaurants and I am always excited to test the authenticity of Asian food in Berlin. So, it’s no surprise that the news of Heno Heno quickly brought a smile to my face and cravings for Japanese food to mind. Armed with a generous appetite and Keiko, my Japanese ‘food barometer’, we made our way to this little Imbiss style restaurant (read: no toilets) in Charlottenburg last week. Find out more after the jump.

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Berlinale: As You Like It

Gururi No Koto

Gururi No Koto

This year’s Berlinale is almost over and as I’ve been jumping from Cinema hall to Cinema hall, synchronizing my watches to the BVG U-Bahn schedules (Damn, missed the connection to Alex, AGAIN!) and trying not to be too distracted by the red waves of Berlinale bags that have been on the assault and in your face this past week, I wonder, has it really been all worth it? Go on for a little summery and outlook of the festival after the jump.

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