Lena Hoschek goes Russian Folklore

Lena Hoschek goes Russian Folklore

At this year’s Berlin Fashion Week Lena Hoschek really showed us her edgy side! Her much loved flower prints and petticoats were paired with heavy boots and broke tights. This way, she emphazied both the soft and the tough side of women. The Frida-Kahlo-hairdos of the models were just enchanting. A feast for the eyes was also the great variety of the material such as brocade, lace, satin and velvet. Additionally, the collection showed a Russian influence; the traditional folkloristic patterns were mixed with the sexy, glamourous cuts that the designer is known for. My favourite pieces were a red velvet dress, the evening gowns with deep necklines showing the back and the embroidered blouses. Some of the looks after the jump.

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6 Years Bar 25

So, last Sunday I enjoyed the marvellous, legendary Birthday of the Bar 25… what a finale! Everybody was supposed to “arrive in white and leave colored”. It was a blast, especially when they played Sesame Street music along with the confetti bash. And it looks like there’s nothing to be done to save this beloved place… they will close in the end of august. I will keep this last impression forever! See the full confetti action after the jump.

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A Color Kaleidoscope


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Berlin Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2010 – Review Part 1

The shows of Lena Hoschek und Smeilinener were a mixture of exactly my taste and style, that’s why they were so much fun for me during the Berlin Fashion Week.

At Smeilinener’s show Vive la fete I saw so many colorful shades, it was a pleasure! The music of the band by the same name played live for the show, the blonde singer barely sang, but rather made funny noises to the beat. I especially loved the necklaces (or tops?) made of ribbons, in all the colors of the rainbow. More impressions after the jump.

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Hippies, nonsense, fly music, playing dress-up: The 13th Fusion was a great adventure playground for grown-ups who don´t want to grow up, and Michael – rest in peace – sure would have loved it. Read more after the soap-bubble…

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La Fête Fatale


Millicent Binks

Yes, right, ladies and gentlemen, this weekend is starting off way earlier! To have a nice and easy start I recommend the promising premiere of Fête Fatale presented by the Secret Seduction Society. It’s supposed to be a clash of beauty and bizarre – the first regular burlesque party in town.

The Fête fatale is the little whimsical sister of Bohème Sauvage, a Twenties Party which is one of my favorites in this beloved city. So with this big mama in the background I am convinced you cannot go wrong at all. More after the jump.

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Cups from the Undergrowth

Undergrowth Design

If I would be an object in my next life, I would love to be born as a delicate cup made by Undergrowth Design. I was filled with pure delight when I stumbled across Tina Tsang’s website, where you can find an exquisite choice of dinnerware, accessories and underwear. The website alone is eye candy, even if you don’t decide to order (which you should do, especially if you life outside the UK – the pound is weak right now!). The Blaue Blume tea set has the texture of old-fashioned lace, it reminds me of glamorous tea times I am spending with Dita van Teese – in my daydreams. And look at the brand-new salt and pepper shaker (after the jump, along with more pictures). How quirky, how unique and beautiful! In that undergrowth, you will find many nice things long before Easter.

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Fashion Week Shows: Scherer Gonzalez

Scherer Gonzalez - Fall/Winter 2009

With their wonderful show the designer duo Scherer González took the audience to a fairytale forest full of elves and queens: the models appeared like in a production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The models were crowned with very dramatic decoration on their heads, like apples, antlers, branches, flowers and starfish. With their ready-to-wear pieces we could admire some old-fashioned cuts with a modern interpretation, inspired by the twenties and fifties, mostly in earth-colours.

Scherer González really are dressmaking artists; you can see the many hours of work in each and every piece on the runway. Especially the Haute Couture evening gowns were highly impressive, made with shiny, voluminous fabrics. The silhouettes were surprising and unconventional. Very outstanding: a cape that stood up behind the model as if a fierce wind would blow. And another dress had some kind of a snail-shell instead of a train. For accessories, every model wore beautiful gaiters, so pumps and boots looked wonderful old-fashioned.

More photos from their Fall/Winter 2009 runway show after the jump. Don’t miss the interview we did with them last week.

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Absolut High

In An Absolut World - Balkonien in 125m Höhe

Last week Absolut Vodka invited us onto the rooftop terrace of the Park Inn Hotel at Alexanderplatz to celebrate the opening of a very special place: A balcony in 125 meters height. The balcony is part of the campaign In An Absolute World that wants to show us how life in a perfect world could look like. Since the people from Berlin seem to like spending their holidays on their balcony, the Swedish vodka brand thought it would be nice to give them a balcony on a very unusual place with an extrodinary view over the city.

What we experienced over the rooftops of Berlin, together with Barbara Schöneberger, Klee and several bottles of vodka, right after the jump.

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Fashion Week Shows: Kilian Kerner

Kilian Kerner - Spring/Summer 2009

Kilian Kerner‘s plans of becoming an actor didn’t quite work out – he was just too good as a fashion designer. On sunday he opened the last day of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Bebelplatz in Berlin with his new collection “Sekundenflüge”. The electro pop band „SplinterX” was performing live throughout the marvellous show. Kilian Kerner’s designs are full of fresh, urban ideas: Shiny, flowing fabrics in grey, beige, dusky pink and black, unique cuts with asymmetric silhouettes, above all some really innovative designs for men. Unfortunately the models were running down the catwalk so fast, it was a shame not to be able to have a decent look at the clothes. But Kilian’s Dandy looks and fairylike evening dresses convinced us of his talents nonetheless. More photos of his spring/summer 2009 collection after the jump.


After the break you can also win the CD of SplinterX and a little sewing kit.

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