7 Awesome New Books from Berlin

A great way to support your local artist community and look smart at the same time is investing in some books! In this post, you’ll find an assortment of recent publications from or about Berlin, representing all kinds of genres – some will broaden your knowledge about the city, while others are simply too fun to miss. Prepare to impress your visitors with a cool Berlin book on your shelf (once dinner parties are a thing again!). 

Die kleine Hoffmann


Our favorite Berlin vegan cook is back again with an inspiring book (in German) filled with practical tips that have the potential to revolutionize your approach to cooking. The publication, titled “Die kleine Hoffmann” is a guide to intuitive cooking. With Sophia, you can learn your way around vegan cuisine so well you won’t need a recipe to navigate you. 



Electronic Beats 


The Electronic Beats 20th anniversary book is a collection of essays, photographs and interviews that delivers some profound insights into the electronic music scene. But that’s not everything – it will also be a chance to test your German skills or a great motivation to get to learning, as you can only get the publication in German!



New Queer Photography 


Presenting honest and bold images of queer people accompanied by essays by Ben Miller (Schwules Museum Berlin), this photography book goes way beyond being just an aesthetic experience. This important publication documenting fragments of everyday queer life is available in English. 




Travel the World in Berlin 


This one-of-a-kind travel guide shows you how to explore countries all around the globe… without leaving Berlin! The author makes the most of the shops, cafes and restaurants of our Hauptstadt to put together paths that will let you explore the Berlin version of China, Russia, Japan, and three more countries! 



HUSH: Club Culture In Times Of Silence


This book is a reflection of the entirety of Berlin’s club scene affected by the pandemic. It’s not just eerie snapshots of places that are usually crowded with partygoers, but also interviews with people whose livelihood has been impacted by the crisis. You can read more about this publication and see some pictures of the empty clubs here



Fromme Wölfe 


If you’re looking for a German novel that will take you back to the days of untamed Berlin clubbing, “Fromme Wölfe” by Kevin Junk is just the book for you! You can sit back and disappear into a world of long nights and parties – a world that’s not without its own traps and challenges. 




Berlin Maps 


Berlin’s topography is an infinitely fascinating subject. This book (available in English and German) is perfect for those who want to explore all of Berlin’s nooks and crannies throughout the city’s development over the last couple of hundred years. 




Don’t Miss Our iHeartBerlin Books 


Last but not least: there’s some quite exciting literature that can be ordered from this very website such as our very special guide to Berlin, “Like a Berliner” that we created in collaboration with illustrator Sophia Halamoda. If you’re interested in a shorter read, we have recently restocked our supply of the “Learn Deutsch with iHeartBerlin” book, which is a humorous take on some of the most unique words in the German dictionary. 



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