Behind the Tree: The New Streaming Platform from Berlin is like Netflix for Arthouse Movies

photo: The Invisible Frame. 

If you have the impression that you’ve already watched the entirety of Netflix three times since the first Corona lockdown, we have exciting news for you! Behind the Tree is a new streaming platform made in Berlin with arthouse movies and short films.

The website offers a variety of independent movie genres, including documentaries, horrors, and animes. Many of the films are in German, but most have English subtitles, so it can also be a great way to get some language practice going. The website features some international productions as well, like the movie “The Invisible Frame”, in which Tilda Swinton explores Berlin’s recent history.

Other movies centering around Berlin include “Berlinized” – a documentary about the city in the 90s, “Flucht nach Berlin” – a 60s drama portraying a socialist government agent, and “Spirit Berlin” – a documentary showcasing the multitude of spiritual beliefs practiced in Berlin. This short paragraph can already give you an idea about the wide range of films on offer.

Do you have trouble making a choice if you’re faced with too many interesting options? That won’t be an issue here. On Behind the tree’s website, you can also find recommendations from curators, such as the renowned German actors Frederick Lau, Clemens Schick, and Jessica Schwarz, or our blogger colleagues from Mit Vergnügen.

Behind the tree also has a dedicated podcast – “Behind the tresen”. Each episode (in German) is a laid-back conversation with a professional from the movie industry. Again, if you’re looking to work on your German, that’s also great practice! The available episodes include an interview with Mariette Rissenbeek, Berlinale’s executive director.

Enjoy exploring some arthouse movies from the comfort of your home!



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