Bell Collective: The New Female Travel Photography

photo: Alina Rudya. 

The times when travel photography – or any other field, for that matter – were strictly men’s’ domain are gone. And yet there are still instances when following your passion as a female is synonymous with challenging the status quo. The new photography book by the Bell Collective is a celebration of 14 bold women who are truly carving their own paths across the globe and documenting this journey with pictures on Instagram.

Berlin-based photographer Alina Rudya, a successful Instagrammer herself, founded the Bell Collective 2017. As you can find out in the book, the Collective owes its name to Gertrude Bell – a writer who wouldn’t surrender to stereotypes and instead pursued her travels in the early decades of the 20th century.

The 14 photographers forming the Bell Collective follow in her footsteps by fearlessly exploring destinations near and far. The women are based in diverse countries and each one has their very own distinct perspective – like Martina Bisaz traveling on her vintage Volkswagen Bus, or Huda Bin Redha who is specialized in drone photography.

The book (in German) includes profiles of the creators along with some of their personal insights and tips on travel and photography. Above all, there’s plenty of pictures that will leave you restless for a new journey.

You can purchase the book at a reduced price at the opening of the Bell Collective exhibition at GlogauAIR in Berlin on March 5th, 2020.

photo: Emilie Ristevski

photo: Marion Vincenta Payr

photo: Martina Bisaz

photo: Tekla Evelina Severin

photo: Annapurna Melor

photo: Julia Kivela

photo: Julia Nimke

photo: Elzbieta Rynski

photo: Huda bin Redha

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