Berlin as a Grand Hotel: The Vision of Fashion Label Acceptance Letter Studio

Acceptance Letter Studio is a fashion label established in 2021 by Jakeyoung Shim, a talented young designer based in Berlin.  

His strong dedication to fashion has helped him to pave his way into the business, which first started in Korea. Today, Acceptance Letter Studio has not only made a name for itself in the Berlin fashion scene, but it is also part of the Fashion Council Germany. I had the chance to have a word with Jakeyoung in his studio, talking about his label, his latest collection, and of course living in Berlin.



photos above: Acceptance Letter Studio

Since day one, Jakeyoung has always had a well-defined mission for Acceptance Letter Studio: “My desire is to craft sustainable and quality garments here in Germany, with care and functionality in mind”. Pieces that are not only sustainable, durable, and versatile, but also inclusive and unapologetically sensual. His tricots, laces, and elastic fabrics – softly adaptable, self-modeling, and sexy – silently erase all possible concepts and preconceptions about forms and shapes, canonical beauty, and gender definitions.


photos below: Julieta Segura


In this never-ending process of questioning and exploring different forms of sensuality, Acceptance Letter Studio gives birth to lasting emotional value pieces. And this is how the “Hotel Infinity” collection has come to life. 

Jakeyoung imagines Berlin to be a Grand Hotel, with an infinite number of rooms and guests, who can check in or check out anytime. He sees the city as a hotel lobby, where people from many different walks of life come and go.



This is how the collection took a narrative format, with each look telling an intimate story through a real-life cast of characters that have deeply inspired the foundation of the label. “Berlin is the place where I have met the most supportive and fascinating freaks, who keep inspiring me every day, even if they are not living in the city anymore”.

Working with different forms of beauty, from sensual print wear to classic tailoring, “Hotel Infinity” is a celebration of the never-ending affection, warmth, and care that the brand owner has felt towards his Berlin community in these last years.



“I believe the pandemic brought a shift to the perspective of the public, who now desire warmth and closeness as opposed to undoubtedly cool exclusiveness. Therefore, we value giving back to the community through our business practice and product offers.” 

“Hotel Infinity” aims to be a visual expression of the sentiment of Berlin in 2022, with a drive to move forward. And why not, with a pinch of humor too? Who said that fashion can’t be fun?

Designer Jakeyoung Shim


The fashion show will take place on 14th September at the Berlin Art Week 2022 in a pop-up space at Uferhallen. Jakeyoung promised us that “it’s gonna be a slay”. We believe that and we are really looking forward to it.

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