Berlin, Augmented Berlin: An AR Exhibition by High Snobiety

photo: Manuel Rossner. 

One of the major challenges of the new world we’re living in right now – still in the middle of a pandemic – is rethinking some of the old ways and concepts that we are so used to and to see how they fit into this new reality. In many cases, it’s out of necessity, but in some, it’s also an opportunity. We can expect many things to go back to normal after the pandemic, but wouldn’t it be a waste if we didn’t use the momentum to push the envelope a bit on developments that were already on their way but that are especially fitting for our current circumstances? I’m thinking here of things like remote working, e-learning, live streaming, and – of course – digital art.

The digital program “Berlin, Berlin” that is initated and presented by our colleagues from High Snobiety starting today in conjuction with the final weekend of Berlin Fashion Week is set to explore exactly those opportunities I’m talking about inviting important initiatives, musicians, artists, and designer of the city such as United We Stream, Ellen Allien, Âme, GmbH, and Olafur Eliasson to create one cross-genre experience that is certainly shaping up to be a highlight of the current lockdown period we’re in.


Sucuk & Bratwurst


We are especially looking forward to the AR exhibition “Berlin, Augmented Berlin” curated by Monopol writer Anika Meier who has already given us the cool AR exhibition “Surprisingly This Rather Works” by Manuel Rossner at König Galerie during the first lockdown almost a year ago. This was already pretty amazing!

The new show that launches digitally today brings together the talent of digital artists Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, Joachim Bosse, Bianca Kennedy & The Swan Collective, Manuel Rossner, Sucuk & Bratwurst, Tabitha Swanson, Ruohan Wang, and Acronym. All of them have created special artworks that viewers can enjoy as immersive experiences by projecting them into real-life places in Berlin (or within their own four walls) via smartphone or tablet.


Cibelle Cavalli Bastos


“Rhythm and sound, moving and sweating bodies have temporarily disappeared from Berlin‘s vibrant cultural scene. Since Covid-19 hit, it feels as though humanity has been in suspension,” says Cibelle Cavalli Bastos about the current state the nightlife, art, and culture world finds itself in.

For Manuel Rosser who created the key visual of the exhibition, there is great opportunity in the digital: “In the midst of the pandemic, people experience every day how technologies such as smartphones and the Internet make social distance bearable.”


Tabitha Swanson


Ruohan Wang even goes a step further questioning if we should even get back to the way it was before the pandemic once it is over: “Why not deviate from a path when the direction you are taking has been proven wrong?”

While the exhibition runs only from the 22nd until the 24th of January 2021, we hope it will create something that will remain. We love what we have seen so far and hope it’s going to be inspiring for other creatives and artists during the remainder of the lockdown. To find out more about the Berlin, Berlin digital program and the Berlin, Augmented Berlin exhibition please head over to High Snobiety’s designated page. And if you’re in the mood for a little party at home, join the United We Stream event with Ellen Allien on Saturday.


Joachim Bosse

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