Berlin Ausländer Memes Dropping Truth Bombs About Expat Life in Berlin

You know it’s the 21st century when few things give you so much sense of belonging as memes. That’s definitely the case with Berlin Ausländer Memes – an ironic social commentary that just couldn’t be any more relatable. 

You must have seen them around already: the widespread appeal of Berlin Ausländer Memes unites virtually all expats, and earns the appreciation of Germans and even Urberliners with a sense of self-irony. The memes are impossible to miss with their eclectic aesthetic featuring Spice Girls and stock images. They’ll eventually make you laugh, but not before brutally confronting you with the unglamorous reality of the expat’s lot.

Struggle with German(s), delights of Risa Chicken, and the almighty Anmeldung are just a few of the themes that emerge after you’ve scrolled through their Instagram feed. It’s definitely comforting to know you’re not the only one who can’t pronounce ”Schlesischestraße” or loses sleep while applying for your freelance visa. 

As someone who genuinely loves their German flatmate, yet still ended up getting an extra heater for my room, I can only thank Berlin Ausländer Memes for their amazing content! (And the heater producer for their energy-saving technology.)







































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