Would you believe that even after 20 years in a city you would still be able to discover something you’ve never seen before? I am very confident in my knowledge about Berlin, but this weekend I was again surprised to stumble onto something that has always been there, but I never came by nor heard of it. I’m talking about the English Garden in Tiergarten. I know this park is very big and there are probably many things in it, that many of you might not have discovered yet, but I’ve been there so many times, how on earth did I miss this incredibly charming garden?

I’m glad that I discovered it now, with the beautiful colors of Autumn making it look even more magical. I think I haven’t been to an enchanting place like that in quite some time! It felt almost like in a completely different part of the world. And there are a few things to find there: A cafe and restaurant called Teehaus that looks quite nice, a classical flower garden, a part that looks a bit like a botanical garden with lots of different bushes and plants, a big pond with a mystical weeping willow tree.

If you want to visit the English Garden you’ll find it right next to the Bellevue castle on Altonauer Straße not too far from Siegessäule. You should definitely try to catch it soon while the trees are changing their colors to orange, yellow and red – so stunning! It’s for sure an amazing place to visit on a date…




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on October 26th, 2020
in Tiergarten, Wellness