Berlin, Berlin: The Cult TV Show and New Movie is Out On Netflix Now

Cheeky, charming and full on 2000s – the German cult series “Berlin, Berlin” returns to our screens! Who knows and loved it? The high school graduate Lolle and her clumsy life and love adventures. For some, the opening credits of the 2000 cult series alone will awaken childhood memories: the wild tracking shots throughout Berlin, the cheesy but awfully catchy soundtrack and the well captured big city feeling. Between 2002 and 2005, the series was shown on the public broadcaster ARD and thrilled an audience of millions for over 4 seasons.

Now the sequel of the classic series was to be released in our cinemas. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the start of the feature film was repeatedly postponed. In the end, a decision was made that not only pleases the old-established fans but also enables a completely new audience to experience the “Berlin, Berlin” story: The cult show is now running on Netflix!



But for those who don’t know Berlin, Berlin yet: What is it all about? At the beginning of the series, 18-year-old Lolle (Felicitas Woll) impulsively follows her ex-boyfriend Tom from Bad Malente to Berlin in order to save their relationship. Starting from there, her personal Berlin adventure begins. She moves in with her handsome cousin Sven (Jan Sosniok), his roommate Hart and his young son in Kreuzberg. Shortly afterward, she meets the tough Berlin actress Rosalie, whose ex-girlfriend fell in love with Lolle’s ex-boyfriend. Berlin, you old heartbreaker! Both Lolle and Rosalie decide to pair up and break up their ex-partners, so the actress moves in with her, Hart and Sven. This is only the beginning of Lolle’s romantic (and yes, also a little psycho) Berlin adventures.

The new Netflix film takes place 15 years after the storyline of the series ends. What has become of the charming, chaotic Lolle and her gorgeous cousin Sven? This is the central question the film seeks to answer for an hour and a half. The original cast also inspires decades later with a more modern, but similarly curious sequel to the popular ARD series. What’s missing? The imperfect, retro 2000s show charm and above all, this distinct Berlin feeling. For all those who don’t feel the sequel, stay online: the old show with its 4 seasons is now also available on Netflix for you to binge.

So, are you going to be one of the “Berlin, Berlin” fans? Let us know!


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