Berlin, Don’t Break Our Hearts: A Call for Help from Griessmuehle

We updated our story to include the latest developments.

Neukölln’s Griessmuehle hosts many of our favorite events. Apart from the iconic parties such as the famous CockTail d’Amore, it’s also the stage for many screenings of Mobile Kino and other community-fostering events like various markets. That’s why we’re all concerned with their recent SOS video message, in which they urge Berlin to ”respect the clubs as they are”.

Griessmuehle published a video showcasing the special cultural significance of Berlin clubs that create unique spaces for the community to connect and for each individual member to express themselves, stating that ”they are in danger” and in need of a ”permanent place to exist”. While the exact circumstances were unclear in the beginning, it’s not the first signal that the future of Berlin clubs is precarious, with the news about the possible closing of KitKat reaching the public just weeks before.

UPDATE: In the meantime, Griessmuehle have published more detailed about the case. As it turns out, the owner of the property has let the rental contract run out by the end of this month which means the club will have to close until then. This is due to the fact the owner finally got a building permit and now wants to resell it. There were actually offers by potential buyers who wanted to maintain the club there, but those got ignored by the owner. There is a petition now where you can sign up to support Griessmuehle in their effort to go into negotiations with the owner to extend the rental contract at least until constructions start (which can again take months and years).

While some clubs seem to be more endangered than others, there are thankfully some forces in the city and the government to protect at least some of Berlin’s clubs thanks to new fundings for sound isolation. Especially clubs that are close to residential homes and that have been targeted by noise complaints will benefit from this program. However, those clubs that are in the way of property development and construction plans such as the new inner-city highway A100 won’t benefit from a program like that.

If you want to preserve Griesmuehle within the city landscape, now’s the time to remain alert. How can you support the ”SAVE OUR SPACES” initiative? Sign up for the newsletter on the website sign the petition, go to all upcoming Griessmuehle events and stay tuned as the events unfold.



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