Berlin has Europe in its Heart

At the last European Elections in 2014, only 46,7% of Berliners went to the voting booth. This number is fucking disturbing because this means that less than half of the population even cared to make Democracy work.

But in 2019 we can’t afford to be that careless anymore. In the last couple of years, the rise of populism and anti-Europeanism made it clear that we can’t go on with our lives and leave the boring government stuff to the politicians. They will fuck it up if we don’t initiate a movement and start a counter-revolution to these reactionary forces that are unchallenged. 

Yesterday, we were again proud of Berlin for showing up and making noise for a progressive and positive European Democracy. One week before the elections for the European Parliament over 25 000 people walked through the city to demonstrate for a free, human and ecologically aware Europe.



With the challenges of migration and the climate crisis ahead of us, we have to be a strong and united European Union that shares the same values and ideas for a better future. We can’t allow it to happen that anti-Europe forces take over the EU-Parlament blocking it completely and sabotaging this powerful concept of unity.

So please if you want Berlin and the rest of Europe to become a better place for your own personal future please vote on May 26, 2019. And if you can’t on that particular day you shouldn’t worry. Until Friday the 24th in the morning you can register electronically to participate in the postal vote. Also, you can go any day of the week to your local district administration and vote in the regular office hours. You only need your ID document. So please don’t make excuses but make yourself proud for being part of a democracy. I know that you might feel that politics and the system behind it is corrupt and fucked up. But we can’t let the populist and right-wing forces take over only because we are unhappy with the status quo.



So grab a friend, make your trip to the voting booth on May 26 and enjoy the rest of your Sunday with the feeling of being part in an important step stone for the future.

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