Berlin is Dreamland in the new Pet Shop Boys and Years & Years Video

The Pet Shop Boys joined forces with Years & Years and released a new catchy song, that sounds vintage, familiar and thus nostalgic at the same time. It’s called “Dreamland” and happens to be a duet between Neil Tenant and Olly Alexander. 

The star of the lyric video to the song? Berlin! The video guides you through an underground station with turquoise tiles on the wall that clearly remind you of Alexanderplatz. Instead of any signs and directions, you would usually find down there to guide you out or to the next train, it is the lyrics that are cleverly gracing the subway walls. It almost seems like a nightly lonesome stroll in the depth of the empty subway stations – just like we all know it very well, returning home from a long night out. Also, the lyrics seem to carry that late-night Berlin nostalgia between its lines…


“We’re falling for pleasure
in a garden where the sun still shines
and staying forever
leaving all our worries behind”



The two bands are not the first to be visually and creatively inspired by Berlin. Musical icons such as David Bowie, Pink Floyd, and Iggy Pop have found inspiration in Berlin’s rough charms before and used it to spice up their musical writing process. Today we are admittedly a bit flattered to have our underground system starring in a Pet Shop Boys and Years & Years video.

“Dreamland” is also the name of Pet Shop Boys 2020 UK Tour, where they will perform their greatest hits all over the country. They are still working on the latest studio album, which is the third part of the Trilogy produced by Stuart Price, which started in 2013 with “Electric” and its second part “Super” in 2016, also came to an end. The newest album will be released on January 24, 2020.

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